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Amazon seem to have most Kindle books being about $10, which is any amount I feel OK paying for a book without being 100% sure I'll finish it, and without being too worried about potentially buying it again in some other format in the future.

Google Play in Australia seems to come in around $40 :/
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I noticed too, the price of books on Google is insanely high, not sure why...
Though, I did just buy Switch on Play, and that was only ~$10.

I wonder if Google are just matching the generally high price of books in Australia, and Amazon are running some kind of loss leader.
$10 is still too high for me unless I know I'll be able to read it for the foreseeable future, but YSMV ;-)
I've generally assumed that Amazon is usually selling books for which there is no specifically Australian publishing deal and so we buy it from Amazon who are licenced to sell via the global publishing deal at the global (US) price point.

Specifically Australian books seem to be a lot harder to buy for Kindle within Australia: I assume Australian publishers tend to refuse to licence Amazon the e-rights. I don't have a good example to hand of what Amazon prices tend to be like when a book has a separate Australian publisher.
Lots of decent indie writers (especially sci-fi) on Amazon who sell around the $1-$4 mark. I'm much more willing to take a gamble on an unknown author when its that cheap.
I think you guys probably know about this site.Used this for quite a long time to find a variety of reading and other materials.
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