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Nice Easter present! Our efforts of fixing upgrade failures have felt like whack-a-rat, but have finally come to fruition. All upgrades succeed now, even the most complex one from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS with a gazillion universe packages enabled; that test runs for 14 hours!
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My kids keep asking me when I'll upgrade their computer (10.04) to have Unity
Great work! Jenkins is awesome isn't it?
Originally, I had reservations about Unity, but after using Ubuntu 11.10 on 2 systems (1 laptop local drive install, and a 16GB USB flash drive install for my work-laptop) for around 6 months now, I really like it! The shortcut keys make it a very fast, intuitive environment to move around in and get thing done quickly within. At the end of the day, that's most of what matters to me... comfort and speed. Now, after having read your post regarding direct upgrades being a smooth process, I went and bought 2 new flash drives (an 8GB and a 16GB) to perform a USB based install (thanks in large part to Linux Live USB Creator) and I'm about to load up 12.04 beta 2 on my primary workstation as a detachable OS install. Once the final is released, I'll test out the direct upgrade for myself on the USB environment, and then perform a clean install as a secondary OS on that same workstation... then again, I may recycle the flash drive for a separate portable copy, tooled out with a generic graphics driver to make it seamless between systems I used at work. ;) Keep up the great work, and please pass along my praise to the rest of the Canonical Ltd. dev team. I really like what you guys have done with Linux, the influence Ubuntu has had overall, and I wish you all a stunning success in getting Ubuntu ready for tablets... I personally can't wait to buy my first tablet that's made for Ubuntu or at least is directly compatible to be reloaded with it.
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