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As sad as it is, it's definitely true. The community has revoked on most decisions that Canonical made (even thou most of the community later started loving those decisions). Few examples in the last few months that nobody in the community even knew about beside those that work for Canonical:
- Ubuntu Phone
- Ubuntu Tablet
- Ubuntu Touch
- Ubuntu TV
- Mir
- Unity

So maybe if they started working on stuff less secretly will things be different for when it's my turn to renew my membership.
I've debated the same. If it weren't for the awesome readership, I would have let it expire years ago. The biggest evidence that the community is dead are the loco communities. Lugs in general are dead. No one cares anymore.
I had to say enough, myself, this week. There really is a point when the corporation handing down decisions and insisting the community will accept them means the community is no longer participating in the decision making.
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