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Martin Owens
Philosopher of Life (and computers)
Philosopher of Life (and computers)

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I watched a video showing #system76 are looking into hardware. Could you add an iris to your webcams, something flat and like this: it'd look really cool, unique and would be very useful for privacy.

Each new #system76 computer I buy is like buying a spare charger since all their laptops use the same charger and have done for years. Thanks for the consistency!

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My best addition to #inkscape 0.92 - [Shift] + [Ctrl] + R, it will resize the document to the selection or to size of the visible objects. So often one wants to resize the document (equiv of Image Crop in Gimp) and has to go through the document properties in a convoluted 12 step process.

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Should we make the Software Freedom Society?

merry(christmas) == everyone

Verifying GPG signatures on the #inkscape website caused the webserver to run out of file handles... then it couldn't open the whoosh search index to do searches. sigh gpg lib fail. Fix now though.

On request from my previous post, I've blogged the gpg experimentation I've been doing here: gpg user interface really needs help, so go read if you're interested.

I sat down this morning and started by replying to an email. I finally sent it just now (5:31pm) after an entire day of hacking on gpg so the damn thing would encrypt emails without me having to do loads of leg work every time I wanted to email someone new.
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