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Taken using the all new OnePlus One's Camera
#OnePlusOneCamera #Photomania 
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Really what? haha. Thats the OPO for you. 
I like the photos!
But could you share more photos with difficult light / colors?
Coming later today hopefully. It's overcast so that means good conditions for difficult light scenarios. 
So eager, didn't have time to change the date! Haha. I would have done the same. 
No freakin way! This is SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!
January 5th... So nothing changed as far as software is concerned? 
+Mawdo Jawo
I think it's just that the user didn't change the device's date.  Software change or not, definitely this One will be capable of producing some really great shots
Looking really good !! can't wait to see more !!
I'm really trying to come up with reasons why my Nexus 5 is perfectly fine and I don't need to buy a One...but come on, this camera performance is insane, especially the low light shot looks gorgeous!
So are you changing the settings at all or are these point and shoots?
So I assume you have these photos by using a tripod? Isn't the phone taking multiple photos and stitching them together? 
Too bad it's over already. Hope you will upload more pictures. Thanks
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