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My favourite XO-1.75 feature of the week: battery usage in the sunlight. The built-in light sensor recognizes we are in the sun, switches off the backlight (you don't even notice) and now your battery lasts much longer.
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Reading an ebook in the sun, XO-1.75 should draw around 0.2 Watts, that'd give you a lot more than 9hs. On the other hand, watch movies or use a CPU-heavy activity and it'll drain the battery in a lot less than 9 hours, even in the sun.

It is actually pretty variable.
Cool 9hrs of power for work and hacks :)
Oh, I totally forgot to ask: What combination of hardware and os version do I need to test this myself? (Especially with spring apparently making a grand entrance towards the end of the week this would be a great feature to test;-)
Upcoming os30 from the 11.3.1 series is the easiest path. And Sun 1.0 :) 
Thanks for the info, can't wait to see the release of os30 (and the sun) then!
christoph -- it works in current releases. it's just a bit buggier. ;-) the sensor is beside the "storage" led (the one that looks like (o)), so you can play with this indoors with a strong flashlight as well.
Just remember: if you remove the bezel, the light sensor thinks you're in the sun... all the time. :-)
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