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WiFi, Ethernet, HDMI arrived all working under Debian 7.3 with linux 3.13-rc4 on this #novena laptop board. Debian+xfce is a clunky setup but it works as a reference point... 
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It looks sort of like you have that sitting on a conductive bag... Doesn't that cause trouble?
what's the device kernel support? Is there somewhere I can take a .dts to give you a test Fedora kernel rpm?
+Peter Robinson - I'm getting there, trying to sort out serial, it's FTDI and I don't have the right wires. Yes I have a dts (actually, a dtb file), it's 3.13 + patches so gotta find the git tree and the patches.

+Peter Kelly - it's lying on the non-conductive, anti-static baggie it came in. I've gotten through board bringups, I hope I'm not about to brick a board with a bonehead move like that ;-)
I think anti static bags work by being conductive. But Wikipedia says they are only slightly conductive.
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