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How True  ... And don't we all know that on here :-) Sleep get's in the way ... When your having Fun
Happy Easter Holidays  Enjoy 

Nice one +Interesting Engineering 

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Engineering fact!
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You can ask expert in not sleeping at night all the time (that expert is only and only me) :D
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I am just feeling lazy today I need to get out of here and stretch my legs

Wishing everyone A Fabulous Weekend And remember ....
People who hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life  - Faith Resnick

Via +Vanity Fair 

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The GIF that Keeps on Giving!

Putting off your holiday shopping? Find the perfect GIF for that special someone
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Thanks will try that +Carolyn Ellis :-)
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Yea you think you got me No Chance
Enjoy The Weekend ... Have Fun Everyone 

Thanks +Jason Robertson :-)

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Verry Cute Funny..............
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Thanks +Dawn Abraham :-)
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Martin Holmes

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#Chrome for #Android and #iOS: Emojify the Web
The Chrome team is excited to announce Google Translate support for Emoji built directly into Chrome for Android and iOS You can now read all your favorite web content using efficient and emotive illustrations on your phone and tablet

Thanks +martin shervington :-)

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+Becky Soto ✔ :-)
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We're happy tonight Walking in a winter wonderland
My Picture Of The Day
Have A Fabulous Weekend Everyone

Thanks +Steven Hughes 

#beutifulplaces   #austria   #photography   
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Love this Martin! 
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London In Motion A Short Timelapse/Hyperlapse video
Enjoy this Awesome Video by Lewis Symonds
Quote by MattFromLondonist
This rather lovely timelapse video of London was put together by student Lewis Symonds
We particularly enjoyed the hyperlapse shots, in which the camera pans across a scene Buckingham Palace or the National Gallery in speeded up time.

Full article from Lewis Symonds


Filmed and edited by Lewis Symonds

#London   #timelapse   #beutifulplaces  
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Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have messed with? That's Me
Great Quote By Clint Eastwood - Film Gran Torino (2008)

Nice one +YinYang youis Roland J. Ruttledge :-)

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Ride bene chi ride per ultimo...
 ·  Translate
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You're welcome +Ender Şimşek Have a great day ☺
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 My Favourite Town This Is London Calling Wishing Everyone A Fabulous Day .....
My Picture Of The Week  via +Steven Hughes who happens to post Awesome Stuff Every Day

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Photos of the Day: London Calling

Photographer: Philipp Richert

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Not sure what this is ... But It Looks Cool:-)
Thanks +Al Remetch 
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Thank you +Dawn Abraham Woo Hoo :-)
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Martin Holmes

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So if you're travellin in the sky 
Don't be surprised if someone said
 Hi I'm Mandy fly me  Try me Mandy fly me away

Writer(s) : Godley, Kevin / / Gouldman, Graham / / Stewart, Eric /
Artist: 10cc Lyrics / Album Track 4 on How Dare You!

#star  +Marianne Sansum :-)

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Hang on folks.....getting ready for take off     LooooL   :D
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Social Media Magician
Create a Social Media Magic World
Build Brands on Google Plus | Social Media | Sharing To Community

My Goal is: To bring key influencers to the social media platforms by integrating Google Plus pages with relevant Twitter accounts.

This way I expand Google Plus experience across Google properties where connection is made between Search, Content marketing, Websites, Blogs, Videos, Brands, Products, Customer Care and Web Reputation

This brings value to:

  • Better discovery
  • Deeper engagement
  • Brand awareness through Social interaction
  • Sharing of great information
  • Engaging into deeper discussion
  • Help  driving people to live hangouts and webinars

With Google Plus Communities:

Connecting people around their passions, meeting people with interests related to similar businesses, starting engaging discussions with customers and individuals that share the same passion, host hangouts and events to engage face – to – face.

My Google Plus Achievements

  • Totally besotted by Googe
  • Country (GB) rank 336, circle rank 13,934 according to Circle Count
  • My posts were re-shared 1,005 time
  • Active contributor to Plus Your Business
  • Well respected by top influencers in Google +

My Twitter status is not too bad, either...

  • Followed by 51 very famous and influential followers
  • Can do Twitter blindfolded
  • Easy to socialise and interact
  • Drive great amount of traffic to the websites
Personal Stuff:
  • Price is what you pay...value is what you get
  • Quality is not an act, it is a habit
Professional stuff:
Out of many Twitter accounts  I look after, the one that gives me the biggest pleasure  is helping big UK charity get support and donations. This is what I’m best at,  this is what I enjoy doing the most and biggest of all,  helping people in need

Twitter account; Me And IBD

Crohn's and Colitis UK is the working name for the National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease (NACC). Founded in 1979, the charity has been providing information and support, funding research and fighting for change by bringing together people of all ages who have been diagnosed with IBD, their families and friends, and the professionals involved in their care

Successfully completed every possible sales training courses including marketing.

Most of my sales training was from John Cleese Sales Videos:-)

Also helping other companies get more clients, attract more visitors and improve brand awareness.

Some of my social media accounts 

Autoscreens Aylesbury
Fix Auto Broxbourne 
Nasdag Performance Marketing

Bragging rights
I just got back from a pleasure trip. I took my mother-in-law to the airport.
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