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Has anyone done anything with Google App Script and the Dropbox API (and has code to share)?
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I was thinking of adding Dropbox support to one of my projects but chose Drive instead at the end. From the coding point of view, it's pretty straightforward: OAuth authorization and REST API calls. Regarding the API access in general it's trickier since an explicit approve needed for apps that are willing to work with all user files, not just a single folder.
If someone's willing to work on a library together, I'll gladly join.
+Bryan Patterson Apps Script doesn't support natively the flavor of OAuth Dropbox is using. You have to handle it manually.
+Bryan Patterson +Martin Hawksey Unfortunately, this code is not going to work. Dropbox uses plain text OAuth authentication with a bit different flow than Apps Script supports. I was experimenting with it too and got it working but it's very dirty at the moment. Again, if you're willing to work on this I'd love to collaborate.
+Bryan Patterson There's no way to share folders using Dropbox API for now, so it won't be 1:1 to DocListApp in terms of features.
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