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This post by my colleague Sharon Perry is generating steady interest #mooc  
There seems to be a lot of animosity toward MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) at the moment, mostly it seems because they don't offer the same experience as a traditional on-campus course and becaus...
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VHS and Betamax again already. Gresham's Law.
And of course betamax/betacam had a long life after VHS won the home market because of the production quality was higher.

I don't think many institutions will be using the slogan 'Poppleton University, the betamax of higher education' ;)
You may also be interested in this piece - - which is similar to Shirky's unbundling argument.

I've participated in several MOOCs and see lots of potential, but like Sheila commented in the linked article: " I think most of the backlash is around the “this is revolutionising educational practice” and “this will destroy universities” type hype. The big MOOCs use pretty mainstream pedagogy developed through distance education for many years, so in that sense they aren’t revolutionary."
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