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If you are using Google Apps Script in Education please put your hand up

It's useful to see contributions to the Education tab in this community to see who is working in this area. Please leave a comment on this post if you'd like to put your hand up as using Google Apps Script in Education
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I started using Apps Script in 2010. My biggest education project to date is Fast Tracking Feedback which I developed in collaboration with Loughborough College. As well as a series of Apps Script workshops for college staff we developed a feedback system which allowed tutors to create assessments using core criteria, complete feedback forms using a custom interface and distribute personalised feedback to students as Google Documents.More info  
Good initiative +Martin Hawksey 
Let's work together so that we don't write scripts twice.

I've written/customised several script for my school and the group of schools I'm working for. I haven't any scripting background, but with trial-and-error (and learning the basics with the I can (and want to) write more scripts than I've time left.

- I've made some custom forms to control the registerproces (for workshops) on a 'teacherday' with a few hundred teachers of our group of schools. And three forms like this one.
One for parents to register for assistance by technical lessons througout the year.
One for registering for schoolingactivities througout the year.
And another for choosing a gift by pupils.
These script have functions like reminders, control ammount of (possible) registrations, overviews, editing registrations, etc.

- Last week I published a script in the Chrome Web Store ( sorry in Dutch). This script gives children the possibility to practise with old tests for an important test children get at the end of K6. This testing environment gives children exercises sorted by their importance for them (with regard of their earlier scores).

- I'm now busy to make a general environment to give pupils direct feedback when making excersises of all different paperbooks.
Maybe I can use Chromebooks with all my pupils within a couple of months. I hope so!

- For the future I'm working on a big idea to exchange educational resources on the flow. In concept this idea is almost clear, but now I'm looking for ways to make this possible in a GApps environment.

I'm looking forward to other replies on this post!
Hand up!

Thank Martin for all you have published already

We've developed several useful scripts in part thanks to your examples

Were currently looking to create a more sophisticated version of gclassfolders to support our expanding gdocs usage by staff and students

Half up. I have every intention, and am watching some videos on it these days. During term break, I want to use pushData to try to replicate some of the functionality of our (non-existent) SIS.

Any tips? Anybody tried to do anything like this before?
Easy to get data in to Google Apps publishing doGet and doPost services and UrlFetchApp service makes it easy to payload GET and POST requests to other APIs (even behind oAuth (but not oAuth2)) I'm sure others have taken this beyond theory.
Hand all the way up.  I work for a support organization to 76 New York City high schools as program officer for digital learning.  autoCrat, Doctopus, formMule, docAppender in the gallery are some of mine.  Still very much learning and would love to have some opportunities for code reviews - quid pro quo - as I have nobody in my org who can serve this role and it's hard to get better without it.
+Andrew Stillman, I am writing a script to convert a list of classes and school holidays into a teacher schedule on GCal. Can I ask for your input when it gets to a workable state?
Hand Up.  I work in a High School, and unfortunately am the only that is currently using GAS.  I have lots of project idesas, but no time to build them, so with any luck, some solutions might show up here.
+Dang Ren Bo That's a nice idea.  Always wanted something like that.  Always got stuck trying to imagine how might it interface with the many student information systems and scheduling softwares that schools use.
+Andrew Stillman & +Dang Ren Bo If it helps, I created a PHP "script" a while ago that would create a .ics calendar based on our schools rotational schedule.  When I created it, we were using multiple calendar systems, but since then, a majority of our users have moved to Google.  In the next "version", I would like to move the whole script to GAS so that the calendars can added directly to Google.  You can view it at
+Andrew Stillman I'd love it if you kept me updated on the hackathon.   I'm up in Boston, so NYC is very doable.
I am! I have used it extensively in our domain and just keep finding more and more ways to build tools every day - I'm a big fan of yours Martin! Keep up the great work!
I really like the education area
I have just started a little site and community where the hope and goal is to bring people together to discuss technology in education. I do consulting so I placed a few of my full day sessions on there for people to look at and use.It also has some examples of sites built with Google Sites. Additionally, I want to have a place to post scripts.

Right now it's in its infancy, and will change according to the wants and needs of the community. Hopefully, a couple of people will want to step in as builders and moderators if it takes off. The sites name is The digital Teacher's Network. Here are the URL's;


Spread the word, share your ideas and maybe we can build something useful for educators.
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