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Got my Twitter Archive shoved it on my webhost now it immediately stale ... Solution: By hosting the archive on Google Drive I can easily use Google Apps Script to fetch new data from Twitter and rewrite the data files. 

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Is there any way to self-host the basic archive but then have a Google script pull in updates and add to it? Presumably not...
+David Bradley it's possible a number of ways. Apps Script can push/pull with UrlFetchApp, the question is what you have on the other end to receive the data. Another way to approach this is using a Google Drive Sync app. I already sync my archive to my hard drive. You could look at ftp sync apps to mirror elsewhere
I had your original approach working for a while, although I think I broke it at some point and decided to self-host. But, like you say it's the interface between the archive on the server and the new data that's the hard bit. I can, of course, simply update manually once a month, but that's inelegant. Will keep searching. Thanks for response.
Actually, +Amit Agarwal, you're a whizz with these kinds of problems, any thoughts?
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