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Boat at sunset off the coast of Salt Spring Island. 
by ~John Cameron

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Time to plant some seeds in the garden soon :-)

#norsemythology   #jotuns
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Floki from the series Vikings  
#floki #vikings
Find it here:
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Floki is one of my favs. I do think he treats Athelstan a bit shabbily. Anybody think Athel will return to Ragnar's side.
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Wow cool! Looks like minecraft:D
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Have him in circles
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Hvis du stadig bruger Facebook app til at chatte med dine venner, slutter det snart for dig. Da Facebook fjerner denne mulighed, i de kommende uger. 

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In the coming weeks, Facebook’s mobile app will be losing its chat feature, a move that will no doubt annoy many regular users. But the gutting likely won’t end there
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Martin Højbjerg

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same here +Nadia MacLeod :-)
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Thanks, you too +Veronica Susalla :-)
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Good Morning, How do you like your coffee in the morning? :)
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good one +Frank Karpa :)
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What is 404 or 410 and how does the google bot handle them
#seo   #googlebot  #404 #410

Does Google treat 404 and 410 status codes differently?
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