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+Adam Burk is a social innovator and cultural architect. His life and work is dedicated to living well in this place with others. He creates spaces – physical and programmatic – that raise the level of resilience, and improve communication in communities. Adam made a big leap by launching TEDxDirigo in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since, also producing MaineLive (coming up Thursday September 21) and other events in conjunction with his nonprofit Treehouse Institute.

Listen to the episode for an offercode to register for TEDxDirigo RISE coming up on Saturday November 4, and take a look here for guides to creating comfortable spaces for challenging conversations.

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The Portland, Maine office of SCORE +SCORE Mentors
is one of the top chapters in the country, and much of the credit is due to chair +Nancy Strojny. Following a successful career in product management at Procter & Gamble, Nancy has been running our local chapter since 2009, successfully advising a who’s who of Maine startups and growing the mentorship base to cover multiple areas of expertise.

Benefit from the experience of a SCORE mentor – sign up for a mentoring session today.

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Luke Shorty is a remarkable Maine entrepreneur. As the leader of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics in Limestone Maine, he’s made the moves to grow the school and enhance and expand its mission and role in the community. Luke is also a longtime fan and supporter of podcasts, including The Grow Maine Show, and I really appreciate his encouragement over the years. I actually left a little bit of our pre-show chat in the episode, since I thought it was kind of fun review of Maine podcasts, so we started with that. Here are the podcasts we mention:

Love Maine Radio

The Maine Show Podcast

Manager Tools

Relentlessly positive and known for his work all over the state, Luke Shorty has the kind of positive attitude that you just can’t get enough of.

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entrepreneurs. He’s taking on a different problem than most entrepreneurs – he wants to create a national park in Maine’s north woods. We explore how he did it, and the decisions he made along the way.

Whatever you may think of the idea (which I support), Lucas’ efforts and approach are a model for taking on a big challenge. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did, and if you want to support a fund for Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument operations, be sure to have a bottle of Maine Beer Co Woods and Waters IPA!

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Got an intractable problem you need to break loose? Looking for some fresh ideas and new approaches? Design thinking could be the tool you need. My good friend Sara Whalen Shifrin, Director of the IDEAS Center, is your guide and expert. Rather than the solution you think might work, get to the innovation that your customers actually want.

Sara’s design thinking camp, known as Field Guide, is coming up. You can arrive on Tuesday morning June 27 with a formless, empty darkness of an idea moving upon the surface of the waters, and on the fourth day, you’ll have created something that is good for all mankind.

That’s the potential.

This June, take four days to unplug and connect with creative leaders at Field Guide: A Design Thinking Experience. Register at

And please subscribe – next episode will feature Lucas St. Clair. I dunno, something about a national park. Thinking big is a beautiful thing.


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Pleased to have the opportunity to address this issue.

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Jess Knox is the c0-founder and chair of Maine Startup and Create Week, an amazing and visionary convening of everything startup for the week of June 19-23 in Portland, Maine. Jess has a long background with startups and economic development, having worked for President Obama’s Small Business Administration. He’s a big thinker and not afraid to swing for the fences. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

MSCW is full of opportunities. If I had to pick just one (besides my talk), I would go with Maine Technology Institute’s Tech Walk, which is the networking opportunity of the year. From there, fill out your schedule with workshops and keynotes. If you stay in the coffee shop and do email, I guarantee you’ll regret it – in this case, the entrepreneurial opportunities are going to come to you, and since there are so many to choose from, most of the events are not crowded and you will have a chance to deeply engage.

Due to my service as a legislator at budget crunch time, I cannot participate as fully as I would like, but I know you’ll enjoy it, and I’m jealous of you.

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Margo Walsh is the founder and CEO of MaineWorks, which provides day labor to industrial construction sites. The company is growing quickly, not just in spite of – but because – it has a developed a specialty in working with people in recovery. Finding success by helping to solve a difficult, pressing problem. Remarkable. I hope you enjoy this episode.
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