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Martin Gregersen

Game Apps - iOS etc  - 
Hi all

I have some Google Play credits burning a hole in my (Google) Wallet ;o) I want to buy some implementation of a board game but I'm not sure which to go for.

Currently I have the "Small World 2" app, which I think is ok, but a bit to simple for my taste, not enough depth for me, I like longer games and also more Eurogame-style than that.

I found some that I've put on my wishlist, but don't know which to go for, also the list is not final, if you have/know of something that I haven't stumbled upon please enlighten me :o)

- Talisman

- Elder Sign: Omens

- Splendor

- Pandemic: The Board Game

I own "Pandemic" plus several expansions IRL, and love it. My absolute favorite is "Robinson Cruseo" and "Pandemic" is probably my second choice, just to give an idea of my preferences.

I look for a game that can go on for some time, but it has to have a solomode, that allows me to play when I have a few minuttes to spare, which is somewhat contradictive ;o)

I look forward to some input from members of the forum. And please feel free to throw in new recommendations.

Thanks in advance Martin
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Elder Sign: Omens
Pandemic: The Board Game
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I saw somewhere that Eclipse is out for Android now as well..
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Martin Gregersen

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Martin Gregersen

Board Games  - 
Robinson Crusoe solo play. Scenario 2, lost it at the end. You can see my cry for help here. Round four and not a single cross on the board. Need five to win and only eight rounds total.

Managed to get four, but I was to slow to go for mystery cards. And also my cook could not build anything. Every roll of the dice came out with the wrong results.

Think I could have done better with the carpenter and the explorer.
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+Lukáš Hejtman​ I agree completely with you on that. The game is so intense and you have to adjust your plans all the time because of events and the number of rounds is limited.

This Saturday I will play with some friends, up to now I only have played solo. ☺
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Martin Gregersen

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Fantastic job by Jacob Fuglsang. You did it just right. Greg was the fastest on the finish line, best results in the situation.

Go Denmark

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Martin Gregersen

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Så fik vi indviet Stratego spillet😃
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Martin Gregersen

Pictures of Games  - 
Winning 2nd game of Pandemic with +Bjarne H, +Knud Westdorf and +Christina Gregersen. The first game we dont really want to talk about, we got beaten. During the second round we had 5 outbreaks, and we lost big time.

Before that we got beaten by Robin Crusoe, I thought that a four player game would be easier, boy was i wrong

It's funny to think that you can have a great evening loosing this hard. But it was a great evening
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Martin Gregersen

Danske nyheder  - 
Når man er 100 år og ikke har helt styr på kalenderen.

Kære +BT​ det er altså onsdag i dag, men stort TILLYKKE alligevel.

Man tænker jo lidt på #TanteMøghe om end det kun er ugedagen I misser

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Martin Gregersen

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Corporate dilemma indeed!! :o)
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Så fik vi støttet #statskassen med ca. 150.000. nu glæder vi os til at den nye #SEAT Leon kommer.

Jeg ser "næsten" frem til at afprøve den adaptive fartpilot i en kø ved Køge Bugt.

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Martin Gregersen

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Amazing Iceland #brexit2
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Great facilities for a conference and great restaurant.
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Hyggeligt lille sted og en god mørbrad gryde :-)
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The pump was so slow, it took forever to fill the tank. One of the reasons was when the woman opposite me finished pumping and put petrol pump in place it somehow stopped my pump from pumping! I had to take my credit card and start over to fill the tank. When the gas tank finally was full, the pump did not stop, but started to spray gasoline in on the car and the ground. I probably will never go there again.
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Dejlige omgivelser og altid behageligt sted at være.
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