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Declare variables, - not war
Declare variables, - not war

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Had a great day yesterday, started with Odense Spilfestival. First thing was me winning two games in a raffle on three tickets. Tatsu, a two player game that I know nothing about and Great Wall of China by Reiner Knizia for two to five players.

Then we ( +Bjarne H and I) finally succeeded to win in Pandemic survival (forth try I think). The prize is Pandemic Rising Tide and access to the Nordic championship in late August. The winners of the Nordics go to the world championship with all expenses paid. Winners of the world championship gets an Airlift. That is a weeks vacation in a city of their choice from the 48 cities on the Pandemic board, including a cash amount. Would be nice :) Hopefully the Nordic championship is not the same day as my sister's wedding, which is one of two possible dates they are considering.

Really recommend you try out the Survival tournament if you like Pandemic and get the chance. You play teams of two and the player decks are stacked so everyone gets the same cards. A referee handles the infection deck and you are on a time limit on your turn. This way everything is the same for all, the difference is the tactics of each team. You play on the hardest level with six epedmic cards.

Got to play Majesty: for the realm and participate in a tournament of Exploding kittens. Exploding kittens where better than I expected a fun little filler.

In the evening I played Legendary encounters alien with +Knud Westdorf and we had no chance, cards in the barracks where very expensive and we barely recruited any cards in the first many rounds. Still a great game which I would like to try with three or four players.

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Been a while since my last post. Luckily that doesn't mean that I haven't played any games.

Played a lot of new (to me) games.
Legendary Marvel
Legendary encounters alien
Dungeon petz
Red dragon Inn
Secret Hitler
When I dream
Terra mystica
Machi koro
Dice forge (with lots of rule mistakes)
The Ares project
Polar bear rescue
Flamme rouge (one time with Asger Granerud, the designer, as spectator)
Flick em up
Castles of Burgundy
and Tiny epic galaxies

Also got in some well known ones
Great Western Trail
Stone age
Five tribes
Pandemic Legacy season 2 (if you ever can call this well known?)
Port royal (+ unterwegs)
Roll for the galaxy (+ ambition)
Flash point
Leo goes to the barber
7 wonders (cities)
Escape zombie city
Castle panic
and Magic maze

Best new experience: Legendary encounters
(Marvel edition was better than expected)

Altiplano was another pleasent suprise, got it very cheap because of transport damage) was wanting to pick up Orleans but Altiplano was less than 40% of the price. And it is becoming a family favourite.

Introduced a friend of my middle child to flash point. He said that he never tried anything like it, and that it was without a doubt the best game he ever played.

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Maybe someone here wants to try this out.

Had a great day yesterday. Started with +Knud Westdorf​​ and +Bjarne H​​. We played Mansions of Madness 2nd edition which we won. +Knud Westdorf​​ and I have had a tough time the two games we played before, but this time we had a fairly easy time. The dice where in our favour and no fire, darkness or Star Spawn-monsters. 😀 My character got wounded 🤕 securing the final evidence turned it over to +Bjarne H​​ who played Rita Young the fastest character and (s)he ran out of the mansion securing the final win. 👍

We then played Roll for the Galaxy with the Ambition expansion. I won with 46 points, +Knud Westdorf​​ was second with 42 points and +Bjarne H​​ ended up with 36 points. In the last round I made 15 points not realising that +Bjarne H​​ could end the game with his twelfth tile in his tableau.⭐😀

Then we drove to my house and teamed up with +Christina Gregersen​​ for a game of Pandemic Legacy season 2 February. We played well and we managed to change our focus along the way and won the game. We where under some pressure but I feel like it was a pretty safe win. 😁

We played a single game of Port Royal with the Unterwegs expansion. I was first to twelve points which triggers the end fase of the game. +Knud Westdorf​​ managed to get to fourteen points in his turn, I then got to thirteen points on +Christina Gregersen​​ turn so +Bjarne H​​ had the last and decisive turn. I had lots of gold and two Mademoiselles cards (which gives a discount on purchasing cards) so I was in a pretty good position. But +Bjarne H​​, being +Bjarne H​​ 😁, went on ending the game in such a way that took him from last place to third place. Then there where no cards for me to buy. +Knud Westdorf​​ was pretty happy about that. 😉 Amazing time with a game we hadn't played in a long time.

A fun-filled day with exciting games with great friends. I would love to do it all over again today if possible.

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I am not sure what to play first, but really looking forward to trying them all...

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On the way to Bornholm, back again later today...

Four and a half hours each way. 🚗, 🚅, 🚝 and ✈️ and reverse the other way...
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Only managed to one game played this weekend, but the kids enjoyed it. Looking forward to going back to Tokyo.

I am really enjoying the game, and think the Power up- will be added as me and my 9 year old agreed that it will be nice with variable player power.
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Just put in the order for Pandemic Legacy season 2 the anticipation is at an all time high.

Had to order King of Tokyo to get free shipping, it is such a hard life. And when I tell my kids and wife about the struggle I go through to save 25 DKK (4$) they don't seem to appreciate the time and effort.
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If you have the Onirim app, you can get an expansion for free. I think it is part of the Asmodee sale. Not sure when the offer ends.

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Asmodee has a sale of their apps on any platform, this is the link to their Google apps. The sale also applies to iTunes, Steam and Amazon.

Just picked up Jaipur, Twilight Struggle and Mysterium for myself.
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