On Saturday evening I stumbled upon a small bug in #Qt 4.8 causing #Kwin to no longer compile. After adding a workaround to my sources I decided to do it properly and tried to get it fixed upstream. After checking that my git checkout is really, really up to date I realized that reporting a bug will be more work than fixing it myself and bears the chance that nobody cares.

Now I had not been a Qt contributor before, so I had to register to the bugtracker, log in to Gerrit, add the remote, push my topic branch which altogether from "wanting to fix" to "have the fix as review" took just half an hour.

Less than 24 hours later my change had been approved and verified by the CI and pushed into 4.8.

I must say a very pleasant experience for a first interaction with the +Qt Project as a developer. Kudos especially for the good documentation on how to use Gerrit.
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