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Experimenting with some ideas: window decoration following the color scheme used by the window, in this case the dark color scheme by Krita.

Mostly interested in the feedback by +nuno pinheiro and +Boudewijn Rempt on that :-)
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That could make Steam's deco pretty, too :-) (if we could force the color via window rule)
Would this also work with GTK-based applications?
and if the shadow would also inherit that color... ;)
very nice idea indeed; and something that might  make this toolkit agnostic in Wayland would be to do similar as with the .desktop file <-> window association for color scheme.
Martin, another application for you to test with would be Darktable( ). It is black but Oxygen(the decoration in general) keeps it's color...
I'm about to create a larger analysis document of usability and design issues with KDE and this would have been one of the things I had suggested. Great feature, love it. It looks sooo much better. :-)
+Aaron Seigo I've been working as a web designer for several years now and studied usability at University for one semester, too.
Don't worry, I'm not about to present a redesign, I'm pretty happy with most of the KDE interface. It's just that there are lots of little things, inconsistencies, some hidden accessibility issues and so on I had experienced over the last years of using KDE. They are so numerous that it wouldn't be any good to file them as bug reports. So I thought it would probably be good to collect all of them and discuss them on a scientific and probably artistic background.
It looks very similar to GNOME's new feature the "header bar".
+Martin Gräßlin I may be nitpicking but regarding the kwin_menu, wouldn't it be possible to look like in Firefox? I mean, small x button is just as it is, small...
+Martin Gräßlin That's nice, but I guess it makes new icons and new a new HIG entry necessary. Most icons were designed for a light background and don't provide a sufficient contrast ratio on a dark background (as, for instance the arrow icon in your screen shot).
+Marco Martin It will still take some time as it's quite a lot of work to put all that together, but I'll let you know as soon as I have to present something. :-)
+Janek Bevendorff not completely true, most of them were designed to work well on the first plasma theme back in the days, that was black. tough as you note an exception were the "action" icons (the ones that end up in toolbars and menus), since they weren't used that much in plasma, weren't tested that much there.
+Marco Martin Yeah, okay, many do work, that's right. But some don't. It's something I've seen a lot in Gimp (not a KDE program, but a good example) and Krita. There are lots of dark blue and green icons that are very hard to see on a dark background. All the icons that are used in Plasma work very well, though.
Bespin can already do that when using it's style and windeco.
Reminds me of a previous discussion on G+. I haven't changed my mind: want!
+Kai Uwe b certainly, see my answer to your G+ post from January, 26 (damn, why can't I get a link for a G+ post?)
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