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Martin Gräßlin
Open Source Software Developer, Maintainer of KDE Plasma Compositor and Window Manager
Open Source Software Developer, Maintainer of KDE Plasma Compositor and Window Manager

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After the +Qt 5.8 and Wayland failure I decided to test Qt 5.9 with Wayland. Oh what a failure. I installed Qt 5.9 beta 1 with the online installer. Recompiled Plasma against Qt 5.9, started Plasma/Wayland and only a black screen. Hmm what was wrong? Well obviously: no qtwayland installed by the online installer.

So I tried to build QtWayland. I succeeded to compile and install it. But when I run it, hardly anything worked, especially no keyboard input. Let's replace KWin by Weston to be sure the issue is not on our side: same result, no keyboard input.

Ok, checking WAYLAND_DEBUG, yes the key events get to Qt. Starting to debug where it fails, where the events get dropped and look there, there's a config option to build QtWayland without xkbcommon support and that was enabled.

Hmm how did that happen? What did I do wrong when compiling QtWayland? After hours of debugging, trying, trying again I figured it out. I did nothing wrong, but Qt is built without xkbcommon support. So QtWayland refuses to pick up xkbcommon.

Now I have a nice Qt 5.9 install which does not support any key events. Yay! That's exactly what I needed to test Qt 5.9!

And that's why I don't like testing Qt. If one tries to install it, it's a multi-day experiment with unknown results, and if one uses the Qt binaries they are totally useless, because they miss important features. But apparently my search results for the issue show that building Qt without xkbcommon is an important feature for Yocto. Sure if touch works, what does one care that keyboard input doesn't work.

So wasted about 5 hours to try using Qt 5.9 and now I have a broken system without a working desktop environment. Luckily I backed up everything, so maybe I can switch back.

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A new blog post in my series about input handling: touch screen edge swipe gestures and touchpad gestures are discussed. Both brand new in Plasma 5.10

+Mark Shuttleworth just as an FYI: I was disgusted by the hate the Ubuntu users threw at me when I put up arguments against Mir. And I almost stopped contributing to FLOSS when we were put into the "Open Source Tea Party" corner because we opposed your ideas.

Just merged in a wonderful new feature for Plasma 5.10

Sometimes it feels good to know that one did the right choice years ago!

Typical story from bug report:

Me: "[...]But it's the way it is and that's by design. The feature work exactly as it's supposed to work. I'm sorry, this won't be changed."

User: "With decisions like that, no wonder KDE is still a broken mess.

I wonder why the hell I even bother reporting issues. Bugs are by design these days.

Never again.

Have a nice life."

And here we have why I dislike working with users.

And now I also have edge swipe on the touch screen support our screen edge actions.

I just triggered Desktop Grid with a four finger swipe up touchpad gesture.

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Virtual keyboard support on the lock screen landed for Plasma 5.10.

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Sneak preview of something I hacked together in 15 min today. Layout is not perfect, but it is fully functional.
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