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When launching LampShade on a tablet the last bulb is auto-selected and the mood options for it are displayed. However clicking any mood will not have any effect until the bulb is selected again. I use a one-hub Hue configuration with the external and internal IPs set. Locale plugin actions and the lockscreen widget also don't seem to always be able to execute their actions (multiple taps on the widget required etc.)

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Nutzt +Optimus eigentlich für optimale JPEG kompression?

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Ich habe ein Modul für das Firefox Add-on SDK geschrieben, welches besser integrierte Pqnels für Firefox ab Version 29 bietet.

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I find myself tweeting a lot more from the wrong account with talon. It'd be great if there was some kind of indication of which user you are tweeting from in the tweet editor.

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If I use the soundcloud bridge app it generates an URL to an m3, however when shared with Bubble UPnP it does not play it, which honestly makes no sense. Why doesn't Bubble UPnP play the track?

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I'm trying to create a bootable elementary OS i386 USB stick. However with both Unetbootin and dd I can't achieve that. With unetbootin I get the selection to boot "Default", however I then get a corrupt kernel error. With dd I get errors about unknown characters in the config file. I've tried to do this from a Luna in a VM, Mac OS X and Ubuntu. Always with the same results.

It'd be really cool, if a mood could just go back to the previous mood. I for example have a rule in Llama (which uses the Tasker plugin) to set the mood to 'Blink' when I get notifications from certain apps. However after the mood is done, if it's day the light stays on, or alternatively the light isnturned off.

It'd also be cool if the app would highlight 'OFF' if a bulb is off, the current mood if possible and 'ON', if the bulb is on, but with an unknown mood.
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