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I just created a new repository on +Bitbucket. I've of course done this many times before, but this was the first time that I created a fork of a project hosted somewhere else.

The process is super slick: I picked "Google Code" in the source dropdown, selected "Git" as the repository type, and entered the project name. Bitbucket figured out the correct URL and verified the project name automatically. All there's left to do is to click "Import".
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Nice, I didn't even know that was possible... I would dream of being able to sent "pull request" to GihHub hosted projects from a BitBucket fork...
Yeah, integration like that would be cool! Since it's the same repository data all the hosting sites store, they should be able to make a common API for this so that they can submit pull requests among each other.
Does it let you pick the type of the repository you get back? (i.e. I want a Mercurial repository, but the source repository is git).
No, there's no on-the-fly conversion, it's just a nice front-end for a server-side clone.
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