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Last week I attended the 26th Ludum Dare Game Jam. I ended up creating the game Track Surfer which you can find here:

I am very happy with the overall game and you should try it! Or better: go surf it!

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Gameplay video of our #GlobalGameJam 2013 game "Grand Health Auto" is online.

Go watch it here: Grand Health Auto Gameplay
Go get it from here:

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Funny timing of my last post. The Nexus 4 became available again today and it seems as if I was able to order the 16 GB version. Excited!

But I also have mixed feelings. I am fairly sure that also this phone isn't ethical (  

Coincidentally I today I learned about the fairphone ( which seems like a dearly needed device to me. I guess I would have paid twice the money for that. Let's hope this devices is around when my Nexus 4 dies*.

* Isn't it weird that one does not expect to use such a device for > 5 years?!

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Last weekend was Global Game Jam 2012. It was for all three of us our first time, but after the 48 hours we ended up with something quite likeable. You absolutely should play it!

The game can be downloaded from: (Mac, Linux, Windows)

Page at the Global Game Jam site:

Heading off for holidays... St. Lucia we're coming!

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Highscores of my game fysxasteroids are now displayed online at Oh, and there are also the downloads for Windows and Linux.

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The 3rd Humble Indie Bundle just went online! Name your price (any price*) and get 5 awesome games. Also this helps (at your option) charity.


Also, check out the trailer:
Humble Indie Bundle 3

(...I hereby did the thing whatever the verb of Google+ is...)

(* when entering a price below 1$ you have to prove to be human, though.)

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