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Apologies in advance for the spam, and you may have already seen the announcement on Monday.

Cisco Galway is now hiring and we have 115 places to fill!
Cisco is hiring in its Galway Software Development Centre for work on Cisco Jabber, Cisco Unified Communications Server, and work on Cisco's Virtualization Infrastructure. Software Engineer · Tech...
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What kind of tech background are you looking for?
We hire Graduates almost every year, but right now are looking for more experienced people. The jobs are across a number of functions.

For Developer: multithreaded C/C++ primarily Windows, 6+ years experience, Agile methodology.

For Test/Automation, general networking, scripting, Agile.

There's also Technical Lead, Program Manager and several other listed under "All Opportunities".

The extended job specs are on the site. They're a bit catch-all, so there's a lot of requirements listed. Communications and collaboration technologies (SIP/VOIP/XMPP/etc.) are a definite plus.

If you're personally interested, I can drop in your CV for you and coach you on what'd be expected.
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