Dear Leprechauns and über Berlin followers, I decided to unleash myself this weekend, since I've been quite at home lately. So this is my proposal:
If we like music, we listen to it. If we love music, we feel it. And then there are people who, whether they like, loathe, or love music, actually get to see it. Synesthesia is the name if this mysterious illness, and anything from a car horn or a bird chirping to the sound of someone's voice can cause the afflicted to see a variety of shapes and colours before their inner eye. The next time we complain about hearing David Guetta's music on the radio, then, let's keep a moment of silence for those of us who are actually damned see it. [ Via sugarhigh ]
Fri. at 20.00, Sat. at 21.00; €10-12 | Elsen Str. 52 |
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