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A nice visual guide to matching suits and dress shoes.

h/t +Guy Kawasaki 
Fashion for dudes: A visual guide to matching suits and dress shoes

This infographic was crowd-sourced on Reddit. /r/malefashionadvice.

Found here:
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Garlic Tilapia with saffron and vinegar rice! #foodporn #omnomnom oh yeah...and olive oil sea salt brussel sprouts, too!
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Filet Mignon Medallions
Fire Chicken Balls
Crispy Baby Shrimp dumplings
Chocolate Lava Cake

Good job, #Ayza in midtown NYC!

#foodporn #omnomnom
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Some things don't photograph too well, especially meat and dark foods, such as herein. A bit more light on the subject would make these a bit more appetizing. Can you re-work these and re-post?
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Martin English

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Who else is going to #spc14?
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Lobster Burger!  I don't usually eat lobster this much in one week, but I couldn't resist this special at!

#foodporn   #omnomnom  
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Las Vegas  #foodporn  
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Sunday family  #foodporn  !  Going clockwise:

Woonsen Noodles
Roast Duck with Chow Fun
Chicken and bamboo curry
Roast Pork with Snap Peas

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Yep. All in one day. And I appreciate it :)
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Sunday family #foodporn  ! #omnomnom  
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The steak was good, but this meal was awesome because lobster mashed potatoes. #foodporn
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Lobster mash! I'm going to make it. It sounds delicious. 
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Senior Manager of Interactive Media: Digital Strategies and Solutions
Team building, innovation, leadership, embodying the larger picture and aligning the universe to it.
  • Macy's
    Manager of Interactive Media, 2012 - present
    I initiate and oversee the following for our Private Brands division: •Guide and drive interactive media strategies for private brand accounts and manage overall objectives. •Build, maintain and grow client relationships and client business. •Oversee, author and constructively edit and review the writing of media documents (timelines, POVs, RFPs, plans, agreements, client memos, and internal/external correspondence). •Perform in-depth target analysis activities including analyzing site information and demographics particular to client needs. •Prepare strategy presentations and oversee preparation of media plan presentation elements. •Perform optimization efforts for online media campaigns. •Lead weekly media meetings with clients/team and providing insight into weekly media results. •Lead client presentations. •Insure key information is provided to team in a timely manner including any client issues, internal agency issues, vendor issues, etc. •Provide and/or guide strategic input for all plans internally and externally. •Build and maintain relationships with core media vendors and internal enterprise counterparts. •Understand and adopt new trends and/or processes in Interactive Media for clients. •Maintaining knowledge of current online media trends and provide training to team/employees when necessary.
  • Macy's
    Assoc. Manager of Operations - Media Production and Technology, 2009 - 2012
    I developed and maintained the following for our Private Brands division: •Media for brand launches and press events. •Digital Signage and content management (innovated in-house). •Conference and Audio/Visual support. •Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity. •Level I-III hardware/software/network support.
  • Macy's
    Senior Analyst - Project Manager, 2004 - 2009
    •Appointed Lead Analyst for our Corporate Marketing division; providing dedicated level I-III technical support to 250 marketing clients (both Mac and PC). •Performed as Lotus Notes Administrator (creating Lotus Notes ID’s, maintaining mail lists, managing DASD on Lotus Notes Server, controlling/releasing quotas). •Managed 500 + laptops for all remote and local clients. •Upgraded and supported systems for Executives and remote users for U.S. offices. •Created and implemented instructional documentation and FAQ’s for new customers.
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I am at the intersection of team building and innovation. I develop and execute strategic media plans across marketing, technology and PR teams that collaboratively steer projects to success. On a more direct basis, I provide creative direction, oversee all interactive media plans and provide project transparency to all internal and external stakeholders.

A little about me:

It doesn’t matter who gets the credit, as long as we win.
My comfort zone is being in a packed room, presenting.
I digest and adopt the “fresh and new” without sacrificing the “tried and true”.
Learning from something is everything.

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