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Actor, Writer, and Filmmaker Martin Douglas.
Actor, Writer, and Filmmaker Martin Douglas.


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Finally chapter 17. That old and wicked black book is back in Elyssa's hands and new dreams have replaced the old ones. Is it a sign of things to come, or something much more evil... 

--She constantly would find herself waking during the night to a cool breeze and an odd sound, as if someone was pacing within her room. She’d sit up in bed to find the shadows dancing oddly across the walls of her room. That’s when a low voice would drift through the air whispering her name. There he would sit, brooding upon the edge of her bed as if troubled by some deep concern and unsure of how to proceed.

Dantes eyes would slowly drift towards hers, and a feeling of deep sadness would overtake her. There was a look of mourning on his face, far heavier than anything she had ever seen and as if he was utterly defeated. Carefully she’d reach out to him, placing her hand gently atop his. For several moments they’d sit in silence as she slowly scooted up next to him, and laid her head upon his shoulder.

He’d reach up and gently run the tips of his fingers along her face, his warm breath floating gently along the nap of her neck. His lips would move close to her ear and again he’d whisper to her.

“You’re in danger. You have to get out.”

Just as he’d whisper those words, a large wind would rip through the room from the open window, and the light from the moon shining into the room would suddenly dim. A movement near the wall would catch her eye, and she’d notice it was from a large mirror that hung from the wall. 

In the mirror would be Dantes’ face, yet it wasn’t him as his head still rested near her shoulder and faced away from what she was observing. The eyes of this so called reflection were dark pits, and the hands pressed up against the glass from the other side resembled claws similar, but not exactly the same, as Dantes’ own when he would turn. There upon its face was the same evil grin she had seen before in the odd reflection.-- 

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Back to Dantes who's told of the danger that Elyssa and the others are now in. The mystery is, who is it! There's also the return of the mysterious demon and his meeting with Aine. Something's planned, and it doesn't look good. Although, that's kind of normal at this point. 

I also just entered the first book into a contest on Wattpad. I'll let everyone know how it goes but votes on the chapters and reads would be most helpful if you find the book catches your interest. 

--The cave was blanketed in the eery blue glow of splattered bug blood, and Waheela body parts laid scattered in various piles. The battle between Dantes and the attackers had lasted several days,and in that time he had died numerous times. So many in fact that he had lost count. With each death he had been reborn, and before the injuries could completely heal he was back into the fray of combat.

The battle was not only a struggle against the animalistic attacks of his foes, but also one within himself to not lose his humanity to the demon inside. It was a constant strain to use his strength to its utmost, but without letting it completely overwhelm his rational thought. Every time he found himself wavering upon that ledge, his thoughts went to Elyssa. The image of her in his mind pulled him back, kept him from becoming one of the very enemies he was now facing.

Of the three enemies, the Wendigo proved to be the most difficult foe. During the battle he had chosen to attack the Wendigo first, seeing that it seemed to be the strongest of his opponents. It’s ability to heal, like Dantes himself, proved the attempts pointless. As his attention was focused on an undying foe, it had left him open to be savagely attacked by the others.

Between being torn and scathed from the Waheela’s, and the giant bugs impaling him upon their legs, it almost seemed fruitless to attempt to fight back. He quickly realized that his energy was better spent killing off the bugs and Waheelas before focusing his attention back upon the Wendigo. While the plan was sound, and it lessened his foes, the strength of the Wendigo’s attacks were even more painful than those of the other creatures combined.--

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Looks like I'm either behind on posting updates here or they've disappeared for some odd reason. So let's do a bit of catch up starting with chapter 15. Kind of a little torn on whether I'm happy with the chapter or not. I debated jumping back to Dantes at the end, but I decided to save at least part of the next chapter for him since it's going to be something that plays heavily into how the book ends and becomes a main theme of the third book. I guess every chapter can't be some big drama or action scene, and some are meant merely to move the story along. 

---Elyssa took a deep breath and raised her hands up into the air. She cupped her hands and slowly a light blue glow began emanating from within them. Larger and larger it grew in size. She could feel the warmth of the energy she was holding as it sent tingles through her fingers and arms.

“That’s it Elyssa. Just a little bit more. Focus. More...focus...,” she urged her on as the ball grew in size. It wasn’t long before it was the size of a basketball, hovering between Elyssa’s hands. The center radiated a brilliant blue, and then started to turn to a lustrous purple of intense light. 

“Okay, now feel it. Feel every little bit of energy that ball has until it feels like a part of you. Control it, and bend it to your thoughts,” Alicia continued. The center became brighter and all of a sudden flashed in a blinding light.

“That’s it!” Alicia called out as she covered her eyes. Elyssa could feel an overpowering warmth within her hands. It felt as if her skin was about to melt off of her fingers. Forcing herself to ignore the pain, she followed Alicia’s encouragement. The blazing light in the center wavered in and out of existence as she tried to concentrate.

“Okay, now when you feel like you have control over it and it’s at its strongest, will it towards the target as if it’s part of you.” 

Another deep breath. The pain was becoming almost too much for Elyssa to handle. She glanced at the rock sitting not more than twenty yards away, and then back at the large charge of energy between her hands. Focusing as intensely as possibly, she thrusted her hands forward and felt the fierce heat immediately die down as the energy sprung with force from her fingers.-

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