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Thank you so much to the folks at Google, for trying to make my G+ experience better. I really do appreciate the effort.

Please see my notes on the attached screen grab. Thanks.
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wow. this looks really inefficient.
Do you use IM? That's what the list on the right is for.

Agreed on the whitespace though. It's fine when you're scrolled to the top but once you start scrolling down, it seems weird to have all that space on the right of the stream. I'm hoping they have something planned for that space.
I agree, how do we get your comments to the G+ team...I do not want that at all
+Martin Cook, can you tell me how reshares look with the new design? That's something I'm curious about.
On the right is the Google Talk chatlist. That's not the Hangouts targets. The only hangout reference on that list is the button at the top of it.
The "Send Feedback" link has moved into the settings cog in the upper right.
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