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this #newgoogleplus wastes a lot of space on my screen. Is there a way to use the old view? or make it more dense?
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Seems pretty compact to me Martin. Everything is shoved over to the left of my screen. You liked wider posts so you could see more in the vertical space?
yes. just more info with less keypress/scroll.
an example: as part of my initial rant for this thread, you see a "+1" "share" and "hangout" icon below. between the text and the icons there is approx vertical space of an additional icon - this can be condensed.
I can continue with many such examples.
I am only using my phone right now but for the PC as a trick you might want to try to use a zoom factor of 80-90% in your browser, I use this to render Jira much more readable, maybe it also works for G+
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