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Martin Bartlett
Bass-playing, Java-programming, Christian
Bass-playing, Java-programming, Christian

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Another one of my posts

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My journey to becoming a CSC Distinguished Engineer - and how that might help others! +CSC +CSCTechTalk

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Just announced :)
Congratulations to +CSC's newest Distinguished Engineers: +Frédéric Auberson, +JP Morgenthal, Pavel Hruby, +Martin Bartlett and +Bill Ohnemus  . Amazing accomplishments, can't wait to see what great work they'll do in the future!   #tech   #leadership  

Am I alone in thinking it somewhat ominous that the latest 4.4.4 ROM for N7000 is very specifically marked FINAL?

HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!!!! (Only for techies):

1 Android Tablet (Sony Xperia Z), 
1 Google Chromecast, 
1 Galaxy Note Phone set as a hotspot, 
1 HDMI->VGA converter with sound output (so takes HDMI signal - with sound and video - on input, sends video to VGA output, sends sound to standard mini-jack output), 
1 pair of earbuds.
1 mains power supplies for all powered items

Connect all that up at home (note: phone hotspot, NOT home wireless network) - cast screen from tablet, play a video - sound comes clear through converter sound output (whether or not VGA display is connected). Reliably. Every time I have tried over a number of days.

Connect all that up at another place in town (again: phone hotspot, NOT the local wireless network) - cast screen from tablet, play the same video - NO sound through converter sound output (whether or not VGA display is connected). Reliably. Every time I have tried over a number of visits.

I've spent hours at the two places trying to understand the difference in config. There isn't any - NONE WHATSOEVER. If you say "it's the phone signal" - well, that's better at the "other place" than at home. And, of course, when NOT casting the screen, the sound works on the tablet in both places. Device mutual proximities? Same at both places (very close).

Of course, next test is to not use the VGA converter but use a native HDMI display at both places - already done that at home and it works fine - but I'm suspecting some condition that I cannot see is causing no sound to be sent to the Chromecast from the tablet, or to be output from the Chromecast - but what the HE...CK could that "condition" be (remember, this isn't intermittent, it's reliable behaviour at both locations).

Latest google camera running on latest (and previous back to november at least) OmniROM as video camera freezes then causes the camera to be inaccessible until reboot.

Anyone else seen this?

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Merry Christmas from the Bartletts

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On the tendency of API designers, when first coming to REST, to drift back into the world of SOAP and RPC:

Imagine we are a race constrained to 2 dimensions that has suddenly found a portal to a third dimension. We're used to assuming that we can only build circles, squares, and triangles.

Well, we could go ahead and continue to build circles, squares and triangles in our new world!

But we'd probably want to take a step back every time our instinct told us to do this, and consider whether we'd actually be exploiting our new world much better if we built a sphere, or a cube, or a prism ...or even (because we CAN now!!!) a cone, or a pyramid, or a cylinder.
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