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These are the last two images for my Best of Japan Nature album for the time being. The left shot are birch trees shot with a slowish shutter speed while moving the camera downwards. The jetty is a long exposure behind a coffee shop at the Towada Lake in Aomori Prefecture. An old favorite, and my selection from the start as the image to end with.

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Both are very wonderful images! Thanks so much for sharing this album. Have enjoyed it a lot!
+Yuuji Kone Sure. I'll post a link to a video that I made of the 38 images straight after this. Thanks for asking! Actually, after just checking I see that it was もみじ雅 not 紅葉雅 because the leaves of the Kaede tree were yellow, not red. :)
Not so much もみじ=yellow but もみじ can be written both as 紅葉 or 黄葉 so we decided to go with Hiragana rather than differentiating.
+Yuuji Kone Yeah, but it's a beautiful language, I'm sure you'd agree. There are often things that I speak about with my wife that I cannot think of how to say in English. :)
I hate that it's over! Made logging on exciting knowing there would be these great pictures.
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