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Looking for people that are active on Google+?

People that both post great content, but also engage? Then this is the Circle you want to add. Yesterday I managed to get a group of great people together who love interacting with others - so if you post quality content you know that with this Circle you can broadcast it to an audience that's very active here.

It has taken me about two hours to get this ready, so I hope people will appreciate it. And please re-share it if you think that your own followers will benefit from it as well.

Just two small disclaimers:

1) Being an "engager" doesn't mean that these people randomly click on any of the people that have them circled and start interacting. Like I said, it just means that if you post great content than this time you at least know that you're broadcasting it to people that are very active on Google+. (thanks +Annie Yim and +Meirav Berale for pointing this out).

2) Most extensions for adding all people in a post are broken, so I had to add everyone by hand. Apologies if I've forgotten a few of you, such as +Missy Hope and +Arvid Bux. Make sure you add them! :)

In this Circle:
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Aaaah I am no longer in this circle :( sad face ;)
Definitely an excellent idea : )
May start to do these follow Fridays type things too : p
Thank you for the inclusion, and special thanks for the disclaimer. :)) x
Thanks for the mention +Martijn van der Meulen . unfortunately i couldn't add everyone again...added too many people this morning... :(
+Arvid Bux +Missy Hope - Sorry! I had to do this manually since almost all extensions are broken. Blame it to human error! At least you're top of the post, so most people will still see you two.
It's bloody difficult to find active people tho, the Google suggestion suck :/
Haha, I do +Arvid Bux!

+Missy Hope - You're right - I don't understand why they don't have an algorithm that first scans your own profile for your own interests and then matches it with similar people that are active. But I might be oversimplifying things.
lol ah that's cool. I just added them all to an existing circle. Should make my timeline more interesting :D Probs will circle the circle when I can be bothered one day :P
Great idea especially for people that are trying to understand this a bit more.
This looks like a nice circle. Thank you for sharing.
Oh dear. I think you missed my point.
You say:
Being an "engager" doesn't mean that these people randomly click on any of the people that have them circled and start interacting. Like I said, it just means that if you post great content than this time you at least know that you're broadcasting it to people that are very active on Google+.
You are still giving people the impression that by circling us they are getting us as an audience for their posts. This is simply not the case. If someone circles me, that person becomes part of my audience, not the other way round.
+Meirav Berale Fair enough - but I assume/hope that most people know that Google+ works this way. They only broadcast to you if you've added them in return.
+Martijn van der Meulen I guess you haven't seen the posts I've been seeing... There is so much misunderstanding around this issue, the one-way circling is not so intuitive and people get the wrong end of the stick all the time :(
Surely they know it's the same as Twitter's "follower" system and not the "friend" system on Facebook? It's obvious...
Providing you use them both I guess :D
Hello +Martijn van der Meulen - thanks for including me in this circle. I think you have done a great job in 2 hours and the content seems very high quality.
Thanks for the inclusion, I hope anyone who adds me from it at least makes some sort of contact so I can see they are there, as like Meirav says, many people assume that by adding the circle, then they automatically get much more engagement on their posts.
I didn't realize that I was an engager, but super happy to be included! I'll try to keep it real :)
No problem, I might curate the circle really tightly and change it into a #FollowFriday type of thing.

Just in case so people know why to add me:

I'm a game developer but I mostly post about different topics. Art, music, film etc. I'm very active on Google+ and engage with a lot of other users.
It will be impossible for me to add this circle, it's too large and I do not have enough space, it's ok though I will hand pick a few, I have most of the circle already in my following...
I actually just uncircled you, as I have had you circled and you did not circle me back +Martijn van der Meulen . I don't have any idea who you are.
+Kathy Morlock I have far too many people circling me in order for me to automatically circle everyone back. I hope that makes sense. :). You must have had your reasons for circling me I guess - it sounds a bit weird if I have to explain to everyone who I am everytime they circle me?
I have 22,200 followers, it's hard for me to remember why I circled you. I usually circle people from the stream. I am extremely active and have been here since July 2nd. I understand, if you don't want to circle me back, it's not a problem. Now I know why we never talk you never see what I post..
Either way I'm up to the point where I will be paring back my following circle not adding to it.. Most of the people in your circle are friends of mine and I talk to them quite a bit. I will hand pick a few new people, if I see them in the stream talking in others posts.. At this point I'm not looking to import circles. But I do appreciate all the work that goes into making one, and I will also be happy to share your post..
Thanks +Kathy Morlock and I completely understand. My initiative largely stems from other friends here who find it hard to find any active people here at all. Hence why I wanted to start a good circle of people that are very active and love the service. :)
Great, and I hope you did that, like I said most of them are my friends..
Believe me I love Google+ and have since the day I joined on July 2nd.. I also am on the Google+ Users help team and can provide any assistance new users may need. The information is on my profile, if you care to look at it...
I appreciate that +Connie York We probably should do a hangout if you want help with circle management. Everyone has their own way of doing it and thinks their way is the best. I think you need to find what works for you. I will guide you if you like :)
Wes Lum
Very cool, thanks for the inclusion!
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