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Do you see the weird square image with the lines?

Good, because that's what +Brian Chan uses to create some absolutely stunning looking insects with. He uses a single folded sheet of paper for them, without cutting it. As a child I only got as far as paper planes, but I struggled with progressing to paper boats. I've seen people who were really talented at creating anything out of paper, but this is amazing.

Make sure you check out Brian's other creations as well:
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That's pretty impressive. Fav is the 'neushoornkever'. =)
Yeah, he's really talented. It's called a rhinoceros beetle in English, funnily enough. I actually hope that +Brian Chan will post here - I'm really curious to know what his process is. Does he draw the lines off the top of his head? Is it an insane amount of trial and error?
Wow. I used to do a lot of complex origami as a kid, but this is ridiculous. I was prepared to be all origami nerd and say "it's not strictly origami if cuts are involved," only to be floored at the "folded from an uncut square" on all the model descriptions... o_O Stunning stuff.
Have you seen how much they sell for!
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