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Audi SA - Welcome to the new world

"When contacted by Times LIVE, Jonge Poerink said that he did not deal with Dunne, and dealt with her husband through email, and he was not aware the complaint was on Facebook."

(Question: Why was he not aware of the Facebook discussions? )

"Michael declined to comment, saying the Facebook post is biased on the side of the customer and he would not entertain media or “sensationalism around the issue”.

(via +Peter du Toit  who found it via +Retief de Villiers)

I want to mention that my small article on was based on a comment on +Peter du Toit feed.

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This is a good case study showing that organisations ignore the power of the individual, using social media, at their own peril!
I agree +Retief de Villiers  It's an unfortunate state of affairs as things stand right now and the level service organisations think they can get away with, hopefully with the progress of transparency and accountability via Social Media this will slowly turn around the trend. We can only hope.
Social Media has come a long way, especially in South Africa, and will pick-up steam / momentum in the next 3 - 5 years, and the Big guns, simply cannot ignore the consumer at will, if it does not suit their agenda.  Service delivery will ultimately be the victor, and in a whole, that spells good news for us simple folk, who will now be able to voice our unhappiness, and in solidarity get our message across! I say, long live Social Media!  Pick up the sticks, or drop out of the race, as simple as that!
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