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Martijn Vreugde

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Big update to Google+

#SocialMedia #Google #Events
From better commenting, to showing you more of what matters, to bringing back Events, we’re making a bunch of improvements to Google+ based on your feedback.
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Martijn Vreugde

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The Circle, by Dave Eggers, arguably our generations 1984, is now a movie.
Played by Tom Hanks and Emma Watson
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Martijn Vreugde

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Toronto Skyline, Some Photoshop fun.
Made from a few different pics I took while on our Canada trip.
What do you think? 
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Good looking 
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Martijn Vreugde

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BRIDGE FOUR!!! The Stormlight Archive novel, The Way of Kings; might be come a movie series!! Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere universe could be the next big fantasy film series

#Fantasy #Mistborn #BridgeFour
Hot on the heels of buying the movie rights of Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings, Variety reports that China-based DMG Entertainment is back with a potentially bigger purchase: the movie rights to...
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Martijn Vreugde

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If you want a detailed expert breakdown of a movie check +Philip Jonck out. Showing you how most films fit into a narrative formula, in this case Iron Man.
Great watch for film students.

His channel is here:

#YouTube #Film #Cinema #Marvel
A three act structure breakdown of the first Iron Man film.
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Martijn Vreugde

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You can now Google Hex color values values and see the colors and changes them all while in Google.
An update to Google now makes it easier to convert between RGB and Hex colors.
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Martijn Vreugde

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mechanical beast
Artist's Behance page:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Martijn Vreugde

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YouTube - Cinematic Dark UI / UX
#UX #UI #YoutTube #Design #Interface

- Having the darker interface allows the content to come to the forefront.
- The Next video is also more prominent slightly opaque to the right of the primary video.
- Promoting the voting interface of the thumb up and down console.

Cinema View Interface
- Removes the clutter and distractions into the background.
- Enlarges the primary video to take better advantage of the screen without the - too overwhelming full screen mode.

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Martijn Vreugde

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2016 Election In A Nutshell
#Trump #Clinton #Bernie #Elections2016
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Its funny
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Martijn Vreugde

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Hi +Zoltan Demant, love your Weight lifting app (Seriously it's Awesome) and was happy to pay for that as it's a great app.

But this new Body Tracker one which I was psyched for doesn't do much but capture info to be used in a graph which you charge the user (quite a bit at least in my currency) to see. Am I missing something? Why would it be worth the users money to pay for the pro?

I tried to get the pro unlocker doesn't seem to work for me, I bought it through the app, does that make a difference?

Anyway will continue to send any bugs I see.

Again, thanks for making such a great and user friendly App. 
Martijn Vreugde's profile photoZoltan Demant's profile photo
+Martijn Vreugde I can see it being easily misunderstood with the old naming, hopefully the new one makes perfect sense and erases any confusion around it :)

Yeah you can definitely switch between the two. Thats the beauty of it, even if it might mean less $ on my end. Im fine with that as long as it provides the most value to you using the app. The 3,59$ price tag seems correct in terms of what Im going for, perhaps youll change your mind when more and more pro features get added.

Keep doing your thing and Ill keep doing mine! Lots of great stuff in the works :)
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Martijn Vreugde

Report bugs  - 
A bug I noticed on the top row.

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Okay cool, not a biggie ;-)
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Martijn Vreugde

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WOW the new design of @googlefonts is just exquisite!
The definition of #TypograpyPorn #art 
Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography
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Cool! Thanks will have to look through them all again!
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I wear hats, not ties. I open doors for ladies, bully around pixels. Enjoy exercise and training, but have a devout relationship with my couch. I live to design and my job is awesome, that's it... no flip-side to it... to design is to create, to create is to be god like, can't seriously complain.

I have become rather enveloped in the social media wave as well as the explosive tech industry that has come about in the last few years, most of my tech thoughts are published on memeburn.

Also as a side note, a Designer, Photoshop junkie, stalker of internet trends, utterly addicted to Google. Oh yeah, and in love with my iPhone

Have Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design specialising in Advertising. Now I know thats practically saying I’m good at making pretty pictures that lie to you, but I swear I’m one of the good guys… honest… no really… stop looking at me like that…

I have accumulated experience in both print and web media over the years working with and pitching to a wide range of clients from CocaCola and FNB to local fashion designers and Chamber Orchestra of Johannesburg.

If you want to be added to one of my interest-based circles for posts, please let me know:

  • Technology
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WOW... Just WOW!!! I came to Tobermory on a trip of Canada, and it was easily the highlight. It's stunning! I strongly recommend Having a swim in the crystal clear water of the lake (Though it's so large you can't see the other side).
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Delicious, after walking around Niagara Falls for hours you deserve a Beaver Tail. I recommend the Avalanche.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
AWESOME Wings!!!! utterly delicious. The waitress was wonderful. all round good experience
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
This is a hidden gem of a place. I love walking around here on a sunny day with my SO. Unlike most parks you do have to pay to enter, R40 for adults, however you can see where that money goes. The park is very clean and impeccably looked after, you also feel much safer than you do in most free entry parks. Highly recommend you pick up some snacks from woolies and have a picnic.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
109 reviews
Weird, cool vibe. Have a small menu but take pride in making sure what they offer is good. Seem to have live music on occasion. Parking is not too great though.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
The service here is phenomenonaly awesome, I bought my fiancee her engagement ring here and the staff helped me throughout in a multitude of ways. They go above and beyond.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago