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HBO is making it way too hard to watch Game of Thrones. Previous years I could simply subscribe to HBO for a few months on my XS4all digital TV, but thus year HBO is only available in Netherland on Ziggo, a cable provider I don't need or want. Well, Ziggo and torrent, of course.

According to coworkers I should be able to watch it through a Ziggo app on my phone and then stream to my TV through Chromecast, which would cost me another €40 on top of whatever Ziggo costs.

Or I could pay nothing and watch it on my laptop.

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I've been checking out some music from the 1990s recently (inspired by an interview with Garbage). Veruca Salt used to feature prominently in my playlists back when I had such things.

I haven't seen this video in ages, but it just struck me that this song has pretty much the best video ever. If you want something slightly more freaky, check out their video for Shutterbug.

I finally upgraded my Macbook to Sierra, and I absolutely hate it. Everything is ugly. Preview threw away all my open files on the weak excuse that I wouldn't have permission to open them. Brief panic that my file system has messed up all my permissions, but fortunately it's just Preview being an ass.

Various other settings have changed, and Safari is suddenly my default browser for some stupid reason. My experience with Preview suggests I should count myself lucky that it didn't throw away all my browser settings.

But at least LibreOffice, Linkedin and Slack will work again.

A kid at Florian's daycare (2 to 4 year olds) was walking around with a Spiderman doll and called him "Obama". Technically wrong perhaps, but somehow it felt right.

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This might be my favourite Existential Comic ever. Well, not so much in the funny department, but in the heartfelt "I so agree with this" department. It's not the funniest, and certainly not as good as the D&D comics (look them up if you haven't already!), but most comics are just funny and vaguely informative, while this one makes a really important point that's all too relevant these days.

When it rains it pours.

Our 6 year old fridge broke down. We've had nothing bit trouble with this supposedly A-brand fridge (AEG), and today it stopped cooling the fridge part (the freezer still works). Everything seems to be working, but the temperature refuses to drop below 15 degrees.

Also, it turns out our new house has a crappy minuscule electricity connection, which means we don't have the 3 phase power we need for our new kitchen. They can fix this in 6 weeks. Our kitchen comes in 4 weeks. We move in in 5.

Also, last week I was happy about how my wife solved the crisis with the angry neighbour about our new windows, but the next day the deal apparently changed, and suddenly everything is unclear. Our windows are lower, but if he also gets a fence, we're getting less light. And he still expects we're getting sandblasted glass. He better not get a fence then.

Yesterday complaining about Mac OS, today it's Windows that goes weird. Does a hard reboot to install some updates while I'm in the middle of something. No save or anything, just a cold, hard reboot. Who decided that this is in any way acceptable?

Is Linux the only sane OS these days?

If you ever want to see what the Charm skill looks like in real life, you should talk to my wife. It's just unbelievable how she manages to charm people. Even from hostile to friendly.

It turns out we accidentally angered a neighbour of our new house. We're going to cut a couple of windows into a wall, and we thought those windows would end up not too badly in anyone's face. The underside is going to be 1.80 m above ground, opposite a 1.80 m wall that we thought enclosed a small street-level patio. Tomorrow they're going to cut the windows.

Today, the user of that patio discovered our plans. Turns out his patio is not at street level, but 1 m higher. So what's a 1.80m high wall from our side, is an 80 cm wall from his side. He's going to look straight into our new windows. And he's already got windows from other neighbours directly on his claustrophobic patio, so he was not happy.

We discuss our options: no windows, windows as planned and screw him, windows as planned and donate him a fence so we're not looking at each other, or lower our windows by 1 m so they're just below his wall. We prefer one of the last two options. My wife calls him. He starts out angry and claims our windows are illegal (they're not, though it is indeed odd that he doesn't get a say in it; we should definitely have talked to him weeks ago), and then it turns out he's from Friesland, just like my wife, and they continue the conversation in Frisian. Turns out he was already considering a fence there because our wall is really ugly and he gets too much noise from the alley in between our walls, so we're going to donate him a fence with plants that he always wanted and doesn't have to pay for now, we still get our windows, and now hopefully a happy neighbour.

Although my wife is Frisian (or actually her mother is, and my wife lived in Friesland from 4 to 18 years old), she's not actually a native speaker and learned the language later. And she hasn't spoken it in 10 years. But for a situation like this, it really helps to make the extra effort.

It's far more than just negotiation. I can negotiate. But she can make people like her. Even people who have reason to dislike her, apparently. I'm seriously impressed.

Argh! The Mac App Store is stupider than I ever imagined.

My version of OS X is woefully out of date, and increasing amounts of stuff refuses to work. I would like to upgrade to Mavericks, but that's apparently impossible. I need to go immediately to Sierra. Fine. Go to App Store, get Sierra.

I first need an account. I already have an Apple ID, but that's not enough. I first need to undermine my security by giving them 3 inane "security theatre questions" that can either accomplish nothing, or provide a massive security hole. Apparently it's possible to disable them later and get two factor authentication, but not right away. I absolutely need to fill in those stupid harmful questions.

Of course they also need my credit card, despite the fact that Sierra is free. They need a second email address from me because apparently a single email address is not good enough? It's a complete mystery what that's good for. And finally, after I've given them way more than is even remotely reasonable, I need to agree to their new terms. If I disagree, I'm stuck with an old version of OS X that nobody supports anymore.

This experience is the best argument for switching to Linux that I've ever seen. Why does Apple need to be such an asshole about a simple free OS update?

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A brilliantly weird mashup.

Via +Sandy J-T 
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