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#newjob checklist:
☐google plus?

Yay! I start as Tech Lead at Facebook London this October! #psyched

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Now there is a #stackoverflow #python question that shows research effort.

The cause is a 10-year-old bug, but still, the poster put in real effort trying to understand scoping rules.

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Always scary: I managed to blog again. This is a rare occasion indeed!

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Following that last note, we need a new maintainer for python-dateutil. It has a non-trivial number of modules depending on it, including from high-profile companies. Yet, I'm not maintaining it anymore for quite a while, and the new maintainer turns out to not have time for it either. If you are an active Python developer that cares about the module and cares about its community, please do get in touch. Please do consider whether you'll have time and enough interest on the module to provide a healthy maintenance story.

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#Python  iterator suprise on #StackOverflow ; why does it appear that the `next()` calls have no effect and the `for` loop is behaving as if it has its own private iterator?

Try to work out what is happening before you read my answer.

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This is why we unschool our kids, to let them hack their own education!
Great 11-minute TEDx talk from a 13 year old about how he is hacking his education in the pursuit of happiness and health. 

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Look what came in the mail today: Goodies from #StackOverflow! Stickers, nice pen and a Desktop Corn Toss Game!

Now I need to make room on my desk for that...

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Do you know how to build a strawbale house or want to know how to use cob? Always thought composting was a good idea but don't know how to start? Worried using petro-chermicals is going to be unsustainable in the long run but don't know what to use instead?

Join us at the new Sustainable Living Q&A site; it's like Stack Overflow for eco-loonies like you and me!

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The ultimate, clear, entertaining and most of all complete explanation that I hail from The Netherlands, and from Holland.
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