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Martial Arts Training Camps - Johnston Karate
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Genuine, intense martial arts instruction for the whole family, at affordable rates
Martial Arts Training Camps

This Page's Mission
This page is primarily intended as a source of news about Johnston Karate's camps, as well as news about camps and events run by other schools. The ultimate goals are as follows - 1) help promote collaboration between schools and styles, 2) raise awareness of the positive benefits of not only traditional karate classes, but all types of martial arts training. If you are a school owner and would like to collaborate on news, camps, or other projects, feel free to contact us using the links below.

About Johnston Karate's Training Camps
Interested in learning genuine martial arts, or getting in better shape? If so, please check out one of Johnston Karate's martial arts training camps! They are normally held in the summer and in the winter each year.

Men, women, and children are all encouraged to sign up. The core martial arts drilled are Boxing and Karate, but we also focus on self defense, and fitness. We charge affordable tuition prices during our martial arts training camps.

Johnston Karate's Training Camp Membership Information
We always offer various levels of membership during our training camps. Also, qualified volunteers may train for free during our camps. E-Mail Owen Johnston below, to negotiate. Minimum two years of experience in martial arts or fitness required. Certified instructors preferred, and those with experience in martial arts training camps get considered first.

Training Camp Sessions
If you are interested in getting in better shape, you can join in on our strict training regimen. If you want to begin a traditional martial art with a focus on character, hard work, and self defense, Karate is for you. We will also drill cardio, flexibility, muscle toning, and strength training. We'd also like to teach women's self defense. Our regularly scheduled karate classes and integrated martial arts sessions are always held throughout the duration of the camp. Current students of Johnston Karate may continue their normal classes at no extra charge during our camps.


Johnston Karate - Athletic Club 118 Sauls St., Lake City, SC 29560 Owen Johnston, Chief Instructor and Certified Fitness Trainer Call anytime between 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time - (843) 598-5...
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