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It's cold outside here in New York! What do you like to do during the winter? Personally, I like to bake. Cozy up with these great warm and gooey cookie recipes:
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Yum! I love chocolate chip cookies. Great recipe!
elhosa morra , kan kalouhana essahah,
omg loved them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ive made your red velvet cupcakes.. the best cup cake i have ever made!!!!
i need to try them...thanks for the share.
I like chocolate chip...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice bottle of wine and a cozy fire would be best but, the cookies will do.
you seem like a great baker. can u make my sisters cake
for her sweet 16 teen!!!!!!! i like how u bake your stuff!you seem
like a nice girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope u can make my sisters cake!!!!
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