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Martha Karua

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Simama na mama
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is only through determination you will
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Martha Karua

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i salute madam
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Martha Karua

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Facebook ist ein soziales Netzwerk, das Menschen mit ihren Freunden, Arbeitskollegen, Kommilitonen und anderen Mitmenschen verbindet. Nutzer verwenden Facebook, um mit ihren Freunden in Verbindung zu ...
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Martha Karua

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Ladies and gentlemen, members of the party and members of the press thank you for coming today.

Over the course of my presidential campaign I have been asked many times, who is your running
mate? And I have always replied that I am taking my time so that I can consult with members of the
party and close advisers to make sure that I pick the person best suited to the Job.

The presidency is not an honorary position, it is a vitally important job that must be filled by
someone who will not only support and work with the president but is also ready to be president at
a moment’s notice. That is why I have I have picked someone who is passionate about leadership
that is focused on the people of Kenya - ALL people of Kenya and whose commitment to the ideals of
trust, dedication and unwavering faith in a greater Kenya is unmatched.

He is a core member of NARC Kenya and upholds the principles that continue to make us a
great party of firsts. We have traversed the country together from Kilifi to Busia, from Pokot to
Machackos. He understands and shares the same ideals as me and the party, and most importantly
is passionate about this country. He comes from what would be considered small non-traditional
constituency which contrasts with the usual tribal arithmetic, and he has first had experience of the
challenges that marginal communities who have been ignored too long by their government face.
He represents a major ideal that we have lived out in this campaign and strive to establish in our
government - that everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from - matter!

He is a person who represents you and me; he is aware of and shares the concerns of Kenyans
across the country and is well prepared to meet those concerns. As a former board member of the
northern water service he understands the vital issues of the environment and water provision as
well as understanding how state cooperation’s work. As a former East African Legislative assembly
member he has experience negotiating with lawmakers, from different backgrounds and cultures,
and is well versed in matters of regional cooperation and knows our friends and neighbours around
East Africa very well. He is what Kenya needs in a vice president- a man who will work for Kenya not
himself, who understands and loves this land.

This country needs leaders who put their country above themselves, leaders who love this country
and have a vision for a Kenya where tribalism and corruption are things of the past, where children
can grow up to be anything they wish, where families can live in peace and security.

It is now my pleasure and honour to introduce to you my esteemed running mate whose passion
and commitment to this country is unmatched. A person I am convinced will serve you well as Vice
President. Ladies and Gentlemen, join me in welcoming and celebrating my running mate, vice
presidential nominee for Narc-Kenya - Hon. Augustine Chemonges Lotodo )
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as proud as You seemand to over come the seat it suit You seemand
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Am fine
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Martha Karua

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Last evening at the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) #ManagingInHeelsDinner I reiterated, "Space is never given given, it is claimed" (you can quote me). If you desire a different country, a better, a more caring society, better access to your (mine too) basic human needs; food, shelter, clothing, good health, warmth, love and your natural aspirations, CLAIM YOUR SPACE! Claim the Kenya YOU, not your favorite tribal leader, not your regional spokes person, want! KENYA is YOU and I.
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I too believe.Unfortonately i lost her after along illness.May god rest her soul in internal peace.
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Martha Karua

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The cost of living is an issue that should be at the core of every campaign and manifesto, and it is at the core of mine. Everyday, too many Kenyans are living on the edge because of the high price of food, fuel, school fees, medicine, housing, water and electricity that we all need. I will work to ensure that the cost of living in Kenya remains low and stable, by implementing:

Universal healthcare - No Kenyan should ever have to choose between medicine and food.

Free primary and secondary education - I am where I am today because of education, every child should have that opportunity and it should not bankrupt any parent.

Investment in our farmers - Kenya can and should feed itself. Investing in irrigation to water our farms, bringing the cost of fertiliser down, bringing the cost of seed down, facilitating funding for mechanisation and modernisation, will enable us to do so and bring the cost of food down.

Infrastructure - there is no reason why one region should have a bumper harvest and the other famine, building the right transport links will end this problem.

Break the cartels - no person or group of people shall control the market for essential goods.

Jobs - If people have no income they will never be able to afford anything. The more jobs we have, the more people we can free from poverty.

For a better Kenya, where families can put food on the table, where we can care for our sick and the cost of living will no longer be a day to day struggle vote for change, vote for Martha Karua.

Simama Na Mama!
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Martha Karua

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Unemployment and cost of living are central issues in citizen's lives and this election. That is why my campaign has focused on creating jobs within a moral economy, an economy whose benefits are felt in the entire society, that frees Kenyans from hunger, an economy where we can all pursue our hopes, our dreams and aspirations. That is why I pledge to:

1-    Fight corruption. It is a cause of unemployment, it prevents the government from delivering services and it hobbles private enterprises.

2-    Insecurity endangers people and the economy.

3-    A Martha Karua government will always buy Kenyan.

4-    Expand and maintain infrastructure.

5-    Encouraging and incentivising the development of value added secondary and tertiary industries in agriculture.

6-    A training and capital provision program for our youth.

7-    Cooperation and engagement with our international partners particularly in East Africa.

Unlike other candidates, our jobs plan is not a pipe dream of un-achievable promises. It is a plan that can be implemented quickly and is achievable. It does not make wild budget promises or fantastical claims, it is a serious realistic jobs plan.
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will wishing all the very  best...on your campaign
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Martha Karua

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Corruption is a disease eating away not just at Kenyan politics but at our economy and society, the theft of public resources keeps food from the needy, medicines from dispensaries and salaries from our most valued public services.

A recent World Bank report has estimated that if private industry did not have to pay bribes and provide kickbacks, over 250,000 jobs a year could be created. Cutting corruption out of government you make it easier for everyone to succeed. No longer will shop owners, jua-kali artisans, farmers, artisans or even banks and supermarket chains have to pay anybody a bribe for any government issued permit or certificate, it will not be a factor in decisions on whether to start a new business or invest in this country. 

To end corruption I shall 

1. Fully implement the constitution, as it contains within it
institutional laws and structures that if properly implemented would mean that anyone who misuses public resources is properly dealt with.

2. I shall continue lead by example sticking to the spirit and letter of the constitution, as I did with my wealth declaration if those at the top are clean, it will influence the rest of the government. 

3. I will push to give the anti-corruption commission, the power to prosecute corruption cases, so that they can take cases they have that are ready for court and actually prosecute rather than wait for the powers that be to decide whether or not to do so.
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My names reuben r. tsumah. My email the longest & oldest serving pa still at continental house, parliament. Also board member, Upeo Limited & Patron Coast Peoples Forum.
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Martha Karua

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Photos from Day one of Machakos County Campaign
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so silent...we luv to hear you talk because your r great.a caring mother to many indeed.
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Martha Karua

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We must all exercise our right to vote responsibly. Every Kenyan who meets the constitutional threshold can vie for any position and top political seats are not a preserve for the few political elite. Ask yourself whether you can employ a suspect in your business or farm knowing very well that they have to attend court after their cases have been confirmed! If your answer is no then how can we as a country contemplate to elect a President or deputy who is required to attend the court abroad for crimes against humanity? Is Kenya short of good leaders who are not suspects? I have faith that Kenyans shall see through the veiled coercion being deployed against leaders from certain communities. I am firmly in this race and together, we shall make it!
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kama utasimama kwenye uraisi njoo unitafute mombasani nikupe mawaidha.
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Unahitaji maisha gani? Wewe mwenyeye (wachana na wanasiasa), WEWE, peke yako? Download this picture and write your future in the empty space... Then work to make it happen. Me and you, not by remote or internet, but by the sweat of our God given strengths...Twende!
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hi madam why so silence this days...we miss yuh
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Have her in circles
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  • The People of Kenya
    Member of Parliament
Basic Information
Mother of 2, Advocate for Justice & Human Rights. MP for Gichugu Constituency. Presidential Candidate for Kenya 2012.
Home - Kirinyaga

Birthday - September 22, 1957
Country - Kenya

Currently Running For Office: President of Kenya

Party: NARC- Kenya 

Current Office Office: Member of Parliament

Constituency: Gichugu 

About me - Knowing is not enough; we must apply.Willing is not enough; we must do.~ Goethe

Favorite Books - Anna Karenina, Things Fall Apart, The River Between, Da Vinci Code

Religious Views - Christian

Activities - Parliamentary Duties, Political and Social, and Social Justice Engagements

Interests - Sports, Reading, Discourses on Idea Exchanges

Favorite Music - African Music, Pop

Favorite Movies - Sarafina, Sound of Music, Sister Act

Favorite TV Shows - The Bold and The Beautiful, Vitimbi,XYZ, Tahidi High

Favorite Quotations - "I believe in the art of the possible"

About Me Open Minded, Passionate, Committed to Things I Believe In 

Work Info Employer: Government/People of Kenya

Position: Member of Parliament

Education Info College: University of Nairobi Law

High School: Moi Girls' High School

  • University of Nairobi
  • United States International University - Africa
    Global Executive MBA