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Marta Spendowska

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Watercolor Art | Textile Design | Illustration | Polish in US
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Marta Spendowska

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From wonderful feature with #Evernote
"For many of us, staying organized and productive is about drawing sharp divisions—this goes here, that goes there. But for abstract artist Marta Spendowska, it can be as subtle as the line between two shades of blue. Marta’s vibrant, atmospheric art and design are all about the interplay and harmony of color. Off the canvas, she brings the same notions of interplay and harmony to a creative organization system built in Evernote."
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Abstract artist Marta Spendowska maintains a delicate balance between detailed structure and spontaneous expression. In this article, Marta shares how Evernote feeds her creative process and helps her stay organized in art and life.
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Illustrator / Fine Artist / Designer
painting, drawing, illustration, watercolor
  • Marta
    Spendowska, 2010 - present
    Abstract Art & Illustration
  • Marta Spendowska
    Abstract Artist and Illustrator, 2010 - present
    Abstract Art & Commercial Illustration (watercolor)
Basic Information
Abstract Art & Watercolor Illustration


| Danielle LaPorte | Urban Outfitters (online and in stores) | Domino | Oreo | One King’s Lane | Oprah Magazine | Papyrus | Norwegian Financial Times (D2) | EMI Productions | Akasha | Verily Magazine | Rockport Publishers | Moroccan Oil | Papyrus | House of Creed | METcolors | | Hector Beverages | Joseph Joseph | Joss & Main | | Queen Helene | Y Media Labs | Ready366 | Computer Arts  and more…


  • Finalist in 2013 Richeson International Portrait Competition
  • Finalist in the MOWA (Museum of Wisconsin Art) Biennial 2014
  • Finalist in Women in Art (online 2015)


  • Danielle LaPorte, 2016 Planners collaborations (2015/12016)
  • How to Style Your Brand, Fiona Humberstone (2015)
  • Domino Magazine (Winter 2014)
  • 1000 Dogs Portraits, Robynne Raye (05/2014)
  • Discover Your Nutritional Style, Holli Thompson (2014)
  • Uppercase: Work/Life (2013)
  • Directory of Illustration (2013)
  • many magazines


  • Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, CA: 4 person show (Heather Day, Marta Spendowska, Emily Jeffords, Christina Baker) (10/2015)
  • Museum of Wisconsin Art: Group Show (10/2014 Biennial)
  • Solo Show: Central Public Library, Green Bay, WI (07/2014)
  • Solo Show: Kavarna, Green Bay, WI (08/2014)
  • Group Show: The Richeson Gallery: (10/2013)
  • Group Show: Cyrcus of Arte (04/2013)
  • Group Show: From the Outside, Milwaukee, WI (10/2012)

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Marta Spendowska is a Polish-born (Maine-based) American artist and illustrator. Since her arrival in the United States in 2005, she has worked with a wide range of art collectors and consultants, fashion and beauty brands, and interior designers.

In her current body of work, Marta depicts the colors, rhythms, patterns, and atmospheres she has experienced in America. She balances these compositions by incorporating visual references to her melancholic homeland, portrayed through more static organic forms in tones of black and white.

Her paintings were included in the 2014 Biennial at the Museum of Wisconsin Art and she has been exhibiting her work at a variety of venues throughout Wisconsin since 2012; additionally & recently, she was part of a four-person show at Elliott Fouts Gallery, in Sacramento, CA. Articles and interviews featuring Marta and her work have been published in books such as the Directory of Illustration, and How to Style Your Brand, and numerous magazines including Oprah Magazine, Domino Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Communication Arts Magazine, and more. She was also artist-in-residence at House of Creed.


As an illustrator I know my exact steps: research the topic, collect references, decide on palette, respond to the client’s requirements. But as an artist, I am at the mercy of beauty and spirituality which I have come to recognize them as twin sisters. They are the strongest influences and have become the biggest motivators in my daily life—like my morning coffee—they trigger my energy and allow it flow freely. By learning from my experiences, I have become the unique author of what I know. And so I paint what I know.

I choose to work with specific water-based materials: watercolor, acrylic paint, or ink. Watercolor is my preferred medium because it is immediately responsive; it reminds me that life does not allow for “do overs.” The only certain thing is here, now. The fluidity of my materials allows me to be spontaneous, with no plan or obligation other than to react to what is happening with this paper, that brush, this moment.

This intuitive process of painting helps me delve into intangible, hidden, heart-felt places—something akin to painting as prayer. My unwavering interest in the unseen, whether magic or psychic phenomena, guides me to create, to destroy and, ultimately, mend. I let the paint leak, gather, and pool until imagery emerges—a mountain or a cave or a flower’s bloom. The movement between the paint and me, hovering, is like dancing with the ghosts of every person and each thing that has ever mattered to me. When I paint I gather all my amulets and channel them into my art. What I feel in my heart becomes visible and tangible.

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V E R Y M A R T A is a brand name of an artist and designer, Marta Spendowska. She uses water media to create scarves, ceramics, fine art and more. V E R Y M A R T A makes art wearable, useable, beautiful and unique. You can shop here and please send an email for future collaborations to contact (at) verymarta (dot) com.

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