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Marta Rauch
science, tech, robotics, space, gadgets, computing, cloud, wearables, IoT, augmented reality
science, tech, robotics, space, gadgets, computing, cloud, wearables, IoT, augmented reality
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Great place to learn about content for IoT, AR, APIs, Big Data, mobile, and more. 

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The Show - Photography by +Alessio Putzu

Thanks to +Dubie Bacino for sharing! 
The Show - Photography by +Alessio Putzu I think there's no rights words to explain the beauty of the northern lights, you have to watch this awesome show by yourself to understand the fully beauty of it! Iceland let you in awe everywhere you look, but is in the night that the real magic happens, and there's no video or picture that will give justice to that moment, you just have to be there! - Alessio Putzu

Jennuary Jurassic Coast Adventure Workshop:

April British Landscape Photography Workshop:

#auroraborealis #photography #workshop

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Google Lets You Give Its Apps A “Star Wars” Makeover

thanks for the update by +Sarah Perez for +TechCrunch 

Try it:

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Einstein's blunder undone: the runaway universe, by Dr. Robert Kirchner.

Looking forward to this talk at Foothill College, sponsored by +NASA's Ames Research Center​​​​​, the +SETI Institute​​​​, +Foothill College​​​​, and Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

The lecture will be available on YouTube:

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Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse: A Complete Viewing Guide for Skywatchers

Thanks to for sharing.

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Beautiful photography, thanks to +BBC News​

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Relive NASA's '7 Minutes of Terror'.

Great work by the Mars Curiosity Rover and team!


More information:

Via +NASA   #nasa   #marscuriosityrover
On this day in 2012 we landed our Mars Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet. Watch and relive our '7 Minutes of Terror!' #TBT #OTD

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Excited to test drive a hydrogen fuel cell car!

I got an invite to test drive the Toyota Mirai. It's already available in Japan, and will be out soon in California. Looking forward to it!

What do you think - are fuel cell vehicles the future? 

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Nice work by my UX colleagues in NASA's challenge to find asteroids before they find us.

They participated in +NASA's Grand Challenge, to Find Asteroids Before They Find Us. Learn more:

Congratulations to +Jeremy Ashley +Raymond Xie, DJ Ursal, and Kris Robison. 

#asteroids   #nasa   #grandchallenge   #oraclevolunteers  

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Meet the robots in DARPA's challenge.

Which is your favorite?
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