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I think I will wait for the peer reviews ;)
The last fail was the most basic error, forgot to check the cables and they got a particle faster than light.
+Richard Pattee But there was something to hold them in check, ie another well tested theory. Calculations are the only thing here, and it's likely they checked them over a few times, also noting that the result stands out statistically.
This is completely different than faster-than-light neutrinos. This is an expected particle, one of the many particles you can build out of 3 quarks. Protons and neutrons are the most famous, but there are dozens more:

So this is ho-hum news, though of course it's nice. What would be amazing was if this particle did not exist!
Good to have confirmation for the current model though.
Yes, I don't mean to belittle this achievement. It's just not as exciting as finding the Higgs or (vastly more thrilling) some unexpected particle.
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