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Yoga based Workshops and Training
Yoga based Workshops and Training

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September 2014 Newsletter
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Hi all,

Here is a great opportunity to study with a great group of yogis. I'm planning on attending as many of the sessions as possible, so I hope to see you there. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.



Yoga Mitra Mandal (Circle of Friends in Yoga) of Indianapolis is proud to present an opportunity to study yoga under the guidance of a master teacher Dr. Swami Shankardev* of Sydney, Australia. A familiar face to the yoga community in Indianapolis, he is highly regarded worldwide as a senior teacher (Acharya) in the Satyananda** tradition of classical Yoga. We have attended his seminars and gained insights and practical tools from his teachings.

Topic: This year the topic is "Core Strength, Calm Mind" which teaches how to manage your mind and emotions. To face stress with more resilience; to feel more grounded and present in all situations; to build energy, inner strength, stability, and the confidence to deal with the difficulties of life more effectively.

What we offer: A sustained study over the period from March to November 2014. We meet once a month for two hours, and have supporting material for students to practice and integrate the techniques. During the monthly meeting there will be a combination of Asana, Pranayama, discussion and practice of Swami Shankardev's teachings and meditations. In some of these meetings, we will study with Swami Shankardev “live” face to face over the internet. It is a wonderful supplement to those interested in developing further in the path of yoga.

Background: In 2013 Yoga Mitra Mandal presented a series of classes on the topic of "Prana Vidya and Pranic Healing". We were inspired to use the internet and group meetings to bring a continuing series of progressive lessons and practices over the period of several months. The essence of yoga is sustained practice, and we were fortunate that Swami Shankardev agreed to permit the use of his carefully developed materials on the topic.

Most excitingly, he agreed to interact a few times with the class in person via the internet. It was a wonderful opportunity to have him lead us in meditation and other practices, and to interact freely with him. Participants last year felt a real connection with his wisdom and profound learning delivered in a gentle and understandable way.

When and Where? Yoga MM meets monthly, in the homes of its members. Locations will be announced in advance. Regular sessions are held from 3-5 pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month from March until November. When Swami Shankardev leads the session, we will change the time and day to accommodate his busy schedule in Australia.

Course Materials: "Core Strength, Calm Mind" is a CD developed by Swami Shankardev. It contains his teachings and meditations, based on his long years of spiritual practice and deep knowledge of mind, body and spirit. It is available from his website Participants are advised to purchase the CD (which is also downloadable) to practice between sessions, to fully integrate the teachings into their daily lives.

Charges: Since we will be compensating Swami Shankardev for his time in helping to develop the series, for the use of his copyrighted material and for the “live” events that he will be leading over the internet, we have two options for payment:

You can commit to the series (recommended) by sending a donation of $125 (or more) to the address below, which includes attendance at all sessions. You can also choose to make a donation at the meetings you attend, ranging from $10 to $20 per session, but emphasize that cost should not be a bar to receiving the teachings.

RSVP: Please respond to this email to let us know that you are interested.



Best wishes,

Alka Kapur

Yoga Mitra Mandal

778 Edison Way, Carmel, IN 46032

To learn more about us, please visit
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This is the first in a series of
workshops created for “Boomer Babes” who are
ready for a fresh look at this very special time of
life. By staying healthy physically, mentally, and
spiritually these will prove to be
the best years of our lives
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