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O yeah

Just wanted to hear your thoughts on what Google needs to do to make Nexus phones more main stream. Despite the 6p being an incredible phone sales aren't even close to something like a Samsung phone. 

My 6p is on its way I can't wait

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Does it auto launch with Motorola driving mode. Don't see any settings for it. Great start so far btw

Any word on a car dock for the moto x gen 2. I hope its not made by griffin again. Charging pins messed up on my gen 1 dock in just a few months

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BREAKING: Game of Thrones has been renewed for a third season. Share this update and spread the word across the realm.

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Question, without a SD card is there a way to save application data on the galaxy nexus or would everything be lost if for any reason the phone had to be factory reset..

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