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Marshall Simmons
I am an Audio Ninja.
I am an Audio Ninja.

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I'm honestly not sure what to say about this. You took a functional but buggy piece of software, removed the functionality, put it in a pretty dress, and added more bugginess. 

Why does this app's logo and name seem to have nothing to do with NPR? Where are the different programs to listen to? How do I listen to a specific article? Why is my local station one that is 100 miles away from me, even though I repeatedly selected the one that is my town.

I guess it would have been nice for this page to have said what this new app was supposed to do.

If I just took over a portal from the resistance, why didn't I receive the portal key? I've had this happen repeatedly.

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Good Night Everyone!

I'm calling it a night early.  I've got some work to do. :)  Thought I'd leave you with this funny cat lol.  So weird. 
#catsofgoogle+   #caturdayeveryday   #goodnightgoogleplus  
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Thanks again for the great work. Noticing an issue where the weather does not continue update each day without toggling the weather option in setting.

For instance, on Monday let's say I have all 5 days of forecasts. Tuesday I would only have 4 days ; Wednesday I would have three, until the weather doesn't show up anymore.

Thanks, Marshall Simmons 

Quick and probably easy question. I've installed and had no troubles with Cmod11 via the installer on my Nexus 5 (straight talk sim.) However every time I try to flash a nightly (even a clean install) I get a has stopped loop that will not let me get to the launcher. Any suggestions?


Was wondering if you were working on any other widgets with the same style. I found your DashClock version, and I LOVE having matching visual styles.

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My cousin rocking it out on stage in his first stand up comedy routine

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For on this night, it can finally be said that Marshall of the Simmons' at Jefferson Street has finished the tale of the Great Fellowship of Nine, the fall of Mordor, the restoration of the King of Gondor, and the passing of the third age of Middle Earth.

Any man or woman, large or small, can find courage where there is dread; light in the darkest of places; and can change the course of history.
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