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Not sure if you have read the TOS of Google's Cloud, Skydrive and the others, but here's an article that lets you know just what rights you are giving away for "free" storage
Google caused a flap this week with seemingly unfair terms of service for its new Google Drive service. But are those terms really different from the
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Marsha, thanks for the comment. The details in SkyDrive's TOS was one of my early concerns. Cloud Storage is a bit touchy, IMHO. In reality, who REALLY owns your content & how can they use it? There was an article by CNET that caught my attention. I'll see if I can find the link and will post it.
Marsha, I was listening to the archive of Marc & Marsha from just a few Saturdays ago. The discussion was generally based on tablets & the big cloud movement (It  was a day Marc wasn't there). Based on your comments during that show, would it be a safe assumption  ( we all know what ass-u-me means )  that you are using SkyDrive and overall satisfied with it?  I have no complaints, whatsoever, other than the scary TOS. ( Sorry, but I forgot about looking up that CNET article. Anesthisia makes me stooo-pidd ! )  Apparently the TOS didn't scare too many away.  I've seen more positive than negative reviews. What say you?

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