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+Tim O'Reilly is doing an #IOT AMA on Reddit right now if anyone is interested.
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Marsee Henon

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Tim O'Reilly is answering questions on Reddit at 10am. Now's your chance to ask what you've always wanted.
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Marsee Henon

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Our new video with Jessica McKellar has just released this week.
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nice video
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Marsee Henon

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Looking to learn Python? Follow along on this blog for a look at the resources available.
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Meet +Lutz Finger online at tomorrow's webcast starting at 10am pt. He's the author of "Ask, Measure, Learn"
Free Webcast Tomorrow April 3: Ask - Measure - Learn

Making sense of your data doesn't require mountains of data; it requires a systematic approach that leads to actionable insights. But how to get there? This webcast shows how to extract significant business value from big data with Ask-Measure-Learn, a system that helps you ask the right questions, measure the right data, and then learn from the results. Using this system can help you learn to:

    Focus on business-related questions
    Find measures that have high causation, low error rate & low cost
    Create actionable insights by starting with predictions, benchmarks or recommendations

Presented by: Lutz Finger (@lutzfinger)

#bigdata   #analytics  
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Marsee Henon

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Tim O'Reilly -- "A funny moment from my career: The time back in the mid-90s when Cisco tried to acquire O'Reilly, and I asked "Why would you want to acquire a book publisher?" They said "You've been there first more times than anyone else, and then you've failed to exploit it. We want you to keep doing that, but then we'll exploit it." I actually think I've done a pretty good job of exploiting the opportunities I've seen, just not in the way that people expect. That actually goes to the answer to your third question: my personal mantra. "Create more value than you capture." I've always been interested in making interesting things happen, and empowering other people who make interesting things. And I've accomplished that pretty well!"

Tim is answering questions today on Reddit
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Marsee Henon

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Mark your calendars for April 22 at 10am PT
Do you want to ask +Tim O'Reilly  anything about +O'Reilly Solid? Join him on +reddit Tuesday, April 22nd for a live online event: 'I am Tim O'Reilly- Ask Me Anything (about #Iot )
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Marsee Henon

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Our new video with Jessica Mckellar has just released this week.
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Marsee Henon

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Please join us next Wednesday for a special   #IOTChat  here at O'Reilly. Tim O'Reilly will be participating
Date: Wednesday, April 9th 
Time: 9 am- 10 am PST (12 pm - 1 pm ET)
Location: #IoTChat (Search Hashtag on Twitter) or visit
How to Join:

In honor of #IoTDay we will kick off April 9th with a Tweet Chat featuring +Jim Stogdill, +Jon Bruner and special guest Tim O'Reilly. This will be a 1 hour event of intense conversation, thought-provoking questions and polls, and plenty of networking opportunities. 

Chat with technology innovator and legend +Tim O'Reilly and enter to win a free pass to #OReillySolid conference (worth $1095). 

Grab your morning coffee and join #IoTChat for some fun bantering and entertainment. Connect with experts, professionals and heavy hitters in IoT (Internet of Things) industry and check out the exciting prizes and guest stars. 

Discuss #OReillySolid topics such as #robotics , #3dprinting , frictionless manufacturing, Bluetooth Low Energy and the new technology industries that are upon us. One attendee will be chosen at random to win an   #OReillySolid  Conference pass (valued at $1,095). 

How do you join?

Just search #IoTChat on Twitter or go to Respond to the 10 questions tweeted from @OReillySolid and include hashtag #IoTDay in your tweets. 
#IoTChat with @OReillySolid: Live Twitter Event
Tomorrow, April 24, 4:00 PM
#IoTChat (

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Sign up for +O'Reilly's upcoming webcast happening March 25, 10am PT. 
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Have her in circles
3,589 people
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