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Interesting mini battery life infographic.

Key pointers? The Galaxy S4 has a great battery life and charges somewhat quickly. The iPhone 5 doesn't have a big battery... but it charges fast!
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Karan Das
Damn the 920 seems to have pretty disappointing battery life.any of you guys 920 owners here? Hows the battery life from an everyday use perspective?
iPhone 5 battery life looks about right....abysmal.
Mine does charge very fast though.
Hhhmmmm of course the iPhone battery charges quickly it's smaller. The s4 charges quick considering the size of the battery. 
I didnt figure that the Nexus 4 had better battery life than the iPhone 5. Im shocked actually
Longer is longer, shorter is shorter
Wow really nice and useful chart but I wonder how accurate is it 
+Marques Brownlee  Marques, could you modify this and add in the Oppo Find 5 to show us where it stands please :D?
The times should be weighted with the overall volume of each device. 
Galaxy s4 battery life is jot that great. My fiance has one and she says it drains fast andtats with all the smart stay and features turned off with power saver ok on. The phone is only a week old
Not shocking that the htc one takes too long to charge. Battery isn't among HTC's strengths.
Im so tempted to switch from the nexus 4 to the s4.... this battery life is annoying me...maybe i will just root and flash franco Kernal ....
+Omar Carrington
GS4 -2600mah
HTC One-2300mah


I lol at the badly optimized, overbloated, gimmicky software, and plastic build of the SG4 vs the quality built, highly optimized , and multimedia experience of the One!

Btw battery has been exceptional on the One and the upcoming 4.2.2 update improves it even more.
Is this with background apps or without?
Come man MOst mob"s battery back up is poor  while using wifi in mostr of mobile
My nexus 4 had a great battery life and it wasn't rooted
+Hussein Bader I don't see a question to answer? I see an info graph. And what do you expect from this graph? S4 has a larger battery, so, yeah, its gonna last longer. Common sense tells you that. if you need a graph to explain that to you, maybe you lack common sense. After all, it is the least common of all the senses. 
+bryan carter
Week old phone means she is playing with it far too much, it will come to better after she stops playing with it all the time. Also if you game a lot don't expect battery life.
I can vouch that this is pretty accurate for the Xperia Z.

~posted with my Xperia Z
Remember you can't fix the HTC once you drop it.
You cant get rid of the crappy feeling you get while holding the GS4 until you hold the One ;-)
I guess you like cheap glossy plastic. Want to hold a real plastic phone...hold the One X.
Why don't you have the Razr Maxx on this list?
Does the S4 charge slower in the US? Can't be or? Mine here in Germany charges in about 100-120minutes the huge 2600mah battery with the 2a original charger and cable. About 1% per minute. It's the first phone I charge in the morning before I have to go and not at night. 
That's weird cause I get great battery life on my iPhone 5...
Samsung has done a wonderful job at creating their own sheep. Kudos to Samsung! Keep providing less quality control as you have been, the sheep will buy regardless!
I have Galaxy S4 i9500 (Exynos Octacore version)... the battery life is disasterous the worst ever... I have to charge it two~three times per day
Really? No Razr HD Maxx? Pretty sure it would destroy any of these.
+Jason Wells .. Thanks for teaching me the basics about Common Sense LoL.. Back to the question ( Which phone is with the best battery life ) ?!!! BTW , it's mentioned in the post LOL .. 
Well HTC might feel better in the hand but I always liked an extended battery and an SD card
Charging time also depends on the output of the charger. I wonder if they measured with the same charger for all the phones or they used the charger that each phone comes with?
The Iphone 5 charges fast and drains fast as well. I'd rather have a phone that won't need constant recharging throughout the day.
+Rafael Lopez The post is ABOUT battery life infographic NOT your STUPID fanboyism to HTC and castigating OTHER phone...


Go GS4! I just use my iPad charger on everything. Don't know if it screws up the battery or not. It does charge superfast though.
B Blair
I have a #s4 and an #iPhone5. The iPhone 5 absolutely whips the s4, daily by 10 to 15 percentage points. Standby time is where the 5 wins. Android has so much going on in the background as it drains faster on standby. This is with both phones email push off, and all settings such as wifi , Bluetooth, etc... Equal. 
Remember that things like streaming videos (not listed) uses less energy than using apps (not listed), and these apps can differ in energy usage, say from the 3-D, smoothly lit Mimecraft PE to the pixelated, low res, very basic Pac-Man
Note 2 definitely makes this debate obsolete
Were all these batteries new when tested? I'm quite interested in how much degradation occurs after a few months of use. 
Unfortunately almost no one including myself can get 308 minutes which is about 5 hours of screen time on the Nexus 4 because you'd have to use the phone constantly to do that, and on Wifi, and with a low brightness 
After flashing a kernel on my HTC One that supports fast charge, it's been like night and day. Also under-volting helps a ton. A huge reason why I love Android devices!
My nexus 4 charges in about 120 minutes from under 10%
Cute info graphic, gotta love how everyone on G+ will buy into anything as long as its praising anything google related. No one is questioning their testing methods.
You guys should check out AnandTech reviews for proper battery info where iPhone 5 proves to be a lot better than most of these phones. 
In my experience the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX HD is the best in battery. My ATRIX HD can't go a whole day without charging at least once. The nexus 4 is awesome in terms of battery but it doesn't have LTE capability. 
Oh yeah.. I have a Galaxy S4 and the battery performance is nice.. no problem to reach from 7am to 10pm with medium-high use.. at least twice as much than my Galaxy Nexus. 
I've said it once and I'll say it again. It's a stupid phone. No one cares. Get over yourselves already. Sure if you spend your entire day on your phone and have no life whatsoever, this would matter. But, the average person has a job, and doesn't care how long the battery life of the Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, or IPhone has. Did you really sit and do a test on every phone you have listed? Play all the same games for the same amount of time, run apps for the same amount of time, make the same amount of timed phone calls, I could keep going! Or did you just find this graphic and post it? NO ONE CARES! 
Obviously all the people that have posted comments DO CARE...
+Jason Hess if you don't care, why did you even bother to read the poster and then comment lol and you smartass with a job with big boy pants on should know you can get these info off a website like gsmarena lol 
Every body who has a car knows how to charge a battery yes? and that's why they invited the trickle charger because the longer it takes to charge a battery the longer the lifespan is fact ! So out of all them test someone is very clever ?? 
The more yall hate the more S4 destroys your petty phones Sense 5,6,7,8 will never touch touchwiz! Lol get mad and curse and complain the numbers dont LIE. Samsung FTW
+Wicky Wicklet +Waleed Hassan if they put the note 2 in the list the heading would have to change to "this years flagships all chasing last years reigning champ" . I for one am amazed at my battery life everyday. Sometimes I will leave the screen on for hours just for sh!ts and gigs.
+Marques Brownlee My wife and I just got the One (his/hers lol). We're on 4.1.2 and use it on power save mode which seem to charge it quickly. Our phones charge in an hour. Our battery life is pretty good considering the galaxy nexus that spent more time recharging than in my hand. Looking forward to rooting and laying down 4.2.2 :D
I though ifanboys said iPhones have great battery life.
+Jason Hess If it's a stupid phone and no one cares, why then so many, INCLUDING YOU, on this post ?
Well IPhone 5 have the smallest battery so its no wonder why his the most fast at charging time.
+Omar Carrington of course at the second you touch touchwizz you have headaches and you feel nauseous, the numbers are just how much samshit treats you like sheeps and how much they take your money for nothing more than a toy in a shitty plastic
Is it me or are Samsung fan boys more annoying than apple fan boys?
Nexus fanboys act like that thrift store 300 dollar cheap glass phone is a gift from god.
I would say that's pretty Accurate to my IPhone 5. I wish it had a bigger battery. :(

HTC fans are worst... you only remember the good HTC do. How y'all forget all the phones they left for dead.
All that money you pay for Samsung phones, excuse me - that's Plastique! 
No chance I get that out of my Verizon GS4
Nexus 4 and GS3. Still deciding on which GE to get.
Ralph with stock on it nothings faster on the planet.
ok back to your useless comments im out since no one can compare to the S4
And who has the longest post here? Right but we have no life. Just wanted to point out some of us have jobs that require a smart phone with a day+ battery . Customer's don't like to wait for you to get home . My phone is my livelihood and if its dead so is my business. SO YES I DO CARE.
+Erik Wesolowski yes thay are worst, 2 years ago they were the worst now they just start to understand that apple makes shitty phones now there are the samshit fanboy to take their places. +Omar Carrington HTC left the phones with no updates they don't give updates that really kills the phone * you know  the Note 1 *
My Nexus 4 not doing too badly according to this chart overall. 
+Omar Carrington touchwiz is first cousin to Stuttering John. Sense 5 has yet to hiccup on me.
What plastic? I have an aluminum backplate on my S4. 😁😁
At the end the carrier often influences the battery life more than anything else. Be in an area with bad coverage and any phone gets empty in a couple of hours. Use all day WiFi or have a strong reliable signal and almost every current phone has enough juice to get through the day. Battery life depends so much on the area, carrier and sometimes used apps that everyone will make a different experience even if it's the same phone.
+Ricardo Nainggolan yeah I've seen lots of screenshots like those all over XDA. The best I can get on Wifi is about 3 and a half hours. I have absolutely NO idea how you guys get so much better battery life. That said overnight I lose about 0.5 to 1 percent an hour only. But my screen time kills battery so much. Oh well I'm RMAing anyway because of some screen defects. I have the 301K serial number which is not the newest one I think it's a second batch device without the nubs or better screen so maybe the newer one might have a stronger battery life. Who knows maybe mine is defective. But 6 hours seems absolutely impossible to me in practice 
Wouldn't any phone that has has a small battery life charge fast? Less to charge and all? 
I have an iPhone 5, and the battery life I have is  way better than on these graphs. It does charge fast, but even after an hour and half on internet surfing, music listening, etc, I get to a 90%.
+Omar Carrington we act like Nexus is the best because it is so easy to live with. Other phones are such a pain in the ass to root and mod, which I personally think is really the whole point of Android. If I can extend the functionality with apps why can't I install just as easily custom ROMs and kernels? With Nexus you can. Sometimes the hardware isn't the best but the experience is what we rant about. 
is it just me or is my galaxy note 2 prominently absent 
WTF? My nexus 4 only reaches about 3-4 hours call time before battery is dead. Something must be really wrong with my unit... :(
+Graigoree Jones actually the Nexus 4 does have LTE and I use it on T-Mobile every single day with the same if not better battery life than HSPA. And the MAXX is a very special case of a phone which wouldn't fit in here to this chart lol
We need better radios and coverage you cant do anything about that. Carriers are the worst
+Michael Murray yeah cause you probably used a toolkit lol, that said Samsung isn't what I was targeting with my comment. HTC is notoriously a pain in the ass. Bootloader needing a key to unlock AND some ridiculous workarounds to get S-OFF. Be glad you don't have to deal with that. I had an EVO 3D back in the day. NEVER buying HTC hardware again. Battery dropped like a rock too. 
The thing that makes a Nexus so great is that the ROM selection is so much more stable and fast than a AOSP ROM on any other device. If you put something like CM10.1 on a S4, your raw performance will be cut in half. That doesn't happen on Nexus 
+Dennis Schmitz yep the N4 definitely appears to be unusually good in this chart compared to my real world use of it. It's my daily driver. 
+Cody Marr is right I forgot that all the code is always available for the developers when it comes to Nexus. Very much untrue for other manufacturers 
+Jason Palaszewski oh hell yeah, I remember when I had my HTC Sensation 4G POS. But the standard way of rooting Samsung Phones is through Odin and it's extremely easy. 
That being said, I prefer the HTC One because the hardware is excellent. It's an amazingly sturdy device with really great speakers and screen. And come on Sense isn't THAT bad anymore.
+Jason Palaszewski I've the feeling that some people go very crazy about getting the last half hour of battery life - especially in forums. Some deactivate almost everything or deactivate the background syncing of all apps (so it' behaves like an iPhone) to get even more battery life. In my opinion this isn't such a good trade off. I prefer to have the full functionality and then charge or swap the battery a half hour or hour earlier. 
With the S4 I get on a typical day about 4 1/2 to 5 hours display on time, some people push it to 6. But I don't buy a smartphone to make it behave like a dumb phone :D 
And if I'm on a long weekend without a chance to charge or I'm in an area with bad network coverage I just have a second battery in my pocket. That was the main reason why I went for the S4. From 0% to 100% in 10 seconds. Sadly most companies dropped the removable batteries in favor of this unibody trend :/
+Jason Palaszewski HTC is doing it right this time from what I can see. They dropped the kernel source day one of the GE HTC One launch. Maybe they finally figured it out
+Jason Palaszewski exactly my reason for getting the Nexus. Over the years it has been bettered in the specs dept. by the likes of the S3 and now S4, but having tried a S4 for a few weeks alongside my Nexus 4, I chose to stick with the Nexus based on my own personal experiences and findings.
Stock Android and usually first to market for OS upgrades is what rocks my boat every time. 
As I recall, this test was done with maximum brightness settings. Maximum brightness for the SGS4 is barely a third of the One when it does its brightness throttling thing, which is pretty much the entire time.
Not a fair test, wheres the Note 2 to beat them all? :)
+Leif Sikorski exactly. I really miss being able to do that on my Nexus 4. But it's enough for a day of battery life for my usage luckily 
+Cody Marr yeah HTC is getting there. But a 4 MP camera no matter how good it is (it was really grainy last time I tried taking photos with it and easily seen in sample shots) just won't cut it. Lack of a removable battery is a minus as is the relatively smaller mAh rating compared to the S4. They just can't seem to get everything right at once like Samsung is consistently doing minus build quality and a little bloat, which is the only thing people can knock that phone on lol
Anyone who ever owned a EVO 3d are crazy to ever buy an HTC product again.
Proof that the the iphone sucks, to all the apple lovers out there.
no, it just prove that iphone 5's battery life is short. it didn't state anything about suck.
the htc one takes forever to charge
That's the one con that drives me nuts shot the HTC one.

Charging time is ridiculously slow and I'm using an ac 2amp charger.

Is this by nature? Can this be fixed with software in the future?
Wow, my RAZR HD lasts 3 days strait on a single charge and recharges in about 40 minutes from 20 to full. Its not about the device though, only configuration.
After rooting my One and running a custom kernel I find it has much better battery than my S4. Stock the S4 was better. So this chart is meh unless you aren't a power user 
+Karan Rathore i have a friend with one, its really nice from the perspective of an s2 skyrocket user, its a big, beatiful, superfast phone that has super simple yet good apps, the downside is well its ran by microsoft, very little apps but im not the type to play games so it doesn't bother me and the worst thing I cant stand about this phone is... internet explorer, my friend said there is a couple of other browsers but they also suck, but if u can live knowing its ran on internet explorer then its great 
I've had the iphone 5, htc one and currently rocking a s4.....wasn't impressed with the iphone battery, htc one was better, but I've found the s4 battery to be pretty good....also found it charges really quickly too...happy to recommend the s4 :-)
It's the truths takes a long ass time to charges this HTC one I really hate that about this phone 
that's spot on about the Nexus 4. when that thing might aswell just write off an afternoon
Im charging htc one using xperia z charger, full from empty about 160minute. Charger htc one output 1Mah and Xperia Z 1.5Mah
NOKIA Lumia Windowsphone 8
Love my s3 :P dont mind charging it for an hour in the afternoon.if you just keep worrying about your battery life youll never actually use the phone.
The s4 charges pretty fast too.
S4 really is a great phone by the looks of it. I just bought a HTC one and the battery is good enough for me. The past few days have been extremely heavy because of playing with new toy. Glad I picked HTC one though
+Jason Palaszewski They're fixing the battery and storage problem with the HTC Butterly S. It's 3200mAh removable battery, and has microSD expansion.  
Today i'm no longer concerned about battery life, as long as it is decent. I have a portable mini battery to charge my phone when i need.  Any one else using one of those? Do you think it solves the "problem"?
This is making it rather hard to decide which phone is the "ideal" one. Samsung Galaxy S4 is #1 in 2 categories, but is 3rd in charging minutes. The iPhone requires the least amount of time to charge, yet sucks in the other 2 categories. 
+Rafael Lopez why does it concern you if people want to use a Samsung device? Does it hurt your feelings? I will never understand people with your thought process. 
+ralph caton That's on by default.  I still wonder why that's even there.  Why would you want the phone to not save power?
+Cody Marr I still don't understand that considering they could have just done it in the first place. On top of that the camera is still a piece of crap even though the camera software is fantastic. I thought it wasnt removable either hmm
Is the Galaxy Note 2 not worth mentioning anymore? I don't think it's necessary to put the latest, but, the greatest (in battery life) to date. IMO.
Well it's no surprise a lot of those phones that beat the iPhone came out later than the iPhone .. Duh.
Has anybdy answered the q as to why the note 2 has not featured 
Considering that most of the phones with longer battery/talk times than the iPhone have removable batteries that can be replaced with larger capacity batteries, I'm not that impressed and/or surprised. By the way, the Lumia 822 has a talk time of 612 minutes, wifi time of 684 minutes, and it's charge from dead is about 150 minutes.  I guess the person making this chart only chose specific phones so as not to disrupt the perception of fact.
I really want the s4 for the battery time and rgb notification led, but I'm leaning towards the one just because of the lcd display..i really wish sammy would stop using amoled 
If you compare iPhone specs to HTC one x and gs3 the result will be the same standby and talk time is for Sammy +Michael J Kormendy and from what I heard one x battery pretty much suck but still boasts a good screen
I go all day most of the time on my iPhone. Most days I can leave the house at 100% and get home around 20% or less. If I go to areas with limited connection then it gets drained rather quickly. 
Unless I'm driving for an extended period of time with GPS and streaming music from Google. My galaxy note 2 lasts all day. I do have a backup battery just in case though.

I would guess that my battery takes a bigger hit than most though as I live where signal is terrible.
+Richard Yarrell My pitiful following huh? I'm not on G+ to prove how many followers I can get. My ego isn't quite as big as yours. I comment on here b/c I can. It's called freedom of Speech pal. Just as I'm sure you have done in the past on an issue you didn't necessarily agree with. And don't sit there and say you've never done it. You'd be calling yourself a liar and a hypocrit. I'm pretty sure everyone posting on this post is a Samsung guru or want to be just as yourself. Pardon me for having a biased opinion. If we were all alike, the world wouldn't go round and round. If you're so self conscious about people's "followers", then you wouldn't hide your personal info. If you think 2 people's comments are going to ruin my day, you're sadly mistaken. And I really don't see what being a web designer has anything to do with this post. But that's "your opinion", right? I'm not the one who's threatening people to go run and play in a highway like yourself. I merely spoke my opinion and moved on with my day. Unlike your post where you have to bash every word I posted. Are the statements I posted not true? What was posted in this thread is merely circumstantial evidence. Let me guess, you're one of those guys that believes everything you read on the web aren't you? If so, that's great, you keep on living your life that way.
And the last time I checked, Google+, they don't have "Post Police". I'm just as welcomed here as you are buddy!
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Guys, I have a samsung galaxy s4 i9500 international version, and it's battery life is awful, why ?Because I downloaded an app called battery repair that broke my phone's battery di not download it !!!!
Wouldn't charging time be more related to the current of your charger? Hook any of those puppies up to a 2A charger and I bet they all charge quickly.
I know the RAZR/RAZR HD Maxx are kinda dated.... but no phone has yet matched the 3300 ma capacity they have.
My Nexus 4 charges in under 2 hours. My old S3 did too. Weird.
My note 2 has great life! It always last at least a full day
Jack C
My old HTC phone is terrible and continues to make me jealous of the S4, even more 
+Rafael Lopez I'm not biased to either side but everything your saying to help out the one is in your own opinion (which appears to be quite HTC biased lol). Besides, most people put cases over there phone to ensure it doesn't break that "feel" and build is to only boost you're ego since nobody can see it or feel it. 
Well, look at that. The Blackberry Z10 has better battery life than the iPhone 5! #mindblown  
This data is somewhat incorrect. I own a nexus 4 and it doesnt take that long for full charge. It usually takes about between 2 and half hours. And i put my phone on charge when the battery percentage is under 5% 
nokia n95 99999999999 minutes and counting.
haven't charged it since i bought it
The S4 is the fastest charging device I've ever owned.
How does the battery of the GS4 compare to the Galaxy Note 2, I would love to see that on the list.
+bryan carter check if she has media server on in her running apps or in the battery status. A friend had the same issue. An update should come in to resolve that issue.
Where is the note 2
Well the s4 charges quicker, if you were to charge the iPhone 5 and the s4 till the iPhone was 100% the s4 would still last longer
I'm still considering buying a N4  once I sell my HTC One X.   Then add a Note 3 once it's available in the later this year.
My company provides my iPhone and plan so while I see its limitations compared to some of the higher end Android based phones, free is free and I wont be making a change anytime soon.
You can always buy more batteries and a wall charger, when it dies, just pop a new one in. Cant do that with most of these phones. I got 3 batteries and charger for 30 bucks on amazon. Never plug my phone in and no waiting for charging.
Software can be modified and bloatware removed, simple fix. A battery swap on the htc one, a little more difficult. S4 FTW
Sure you can, a nice case works just fine lol
A small fuel tank fuels up faster than a bigger tank. Common sense.
Saw this yesterday and there are good and bad things on both sides. But personally, I prefer the S4's battery.
Nick 11
Just add the RAZR Maxx HD and watch as it crushes every other phone on that list 
Nick 11
Smaller battery means there is less to charge 
Not sure how the XZ beat the HTC One, when I had mine the battery was shocking unless it was on stamina mode, I use my HTC One on power saving mainly but it easily last me a day on medium/heavy use!
Plus a few of my mates have S4's and there not much better generally....still I miss my Note 2 for battery life that thing was a beast!
That's an impressive charge time from the S4 given how its battery is much larger than the one in the iPhone 5. Overall given the scale of the spectrum the S4 has the superior battery component.
Just love the Sg4...can't wait 12 months down the line after I buy a new battery and all HTC ONE guys are struggling with their dying one...and guess what...they can do nothing about it...mwahahahahaha...
These results seem off. My iphone has better battery life than what is noted here. I've also seen other comparison charts where iphone 5 had 573 minutes of web browsing life. 
I got the HTC One. The battery is actually pretty good for what I use my phone for. 
That's interesting :). Although I have an iPhone 5 and the battery lasts enough for me, it's not the best battery, but it's sufficient. Have a nice day!
Then why in all Real use test the s4 last 40-45 minutes lesser than the HTC one? Guess why, better optimization and polimer battery, instead of the shitty li on of s4, and just to let you know s4 fanboys, polimer last a lot more as performance in time than your li on, so then you will have to change your exhausted battery, all HTC one users will still have the same performance as day one. Have a nice day.
I don't understand what's wrong with the s4 build quality. Yes it is made out of cheaper materials but it is still good build quality. I don't understand how making something metal makes it better =/
My s4 has amazing battery life. Noticeably better than any other smart phone I've had. 
Ryan check his channel on youtube, there is a video where he states to love both HTC one and s4, as toghether will make the perfect phone, so he use the one he needs in that moment, as for example if he knows he have to take lot of daylight pics he uses the s4, if he needs nightlight pics he uses the HTC one, and so on.
I've got the HTC one, didn't like at all the s4 lags and other things
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As far as your other pointless comments, I'm not sure where all that ties into the equation here. You're merely just have diarrhea of the mouth and don't know what's coming out. 
Rafael Lopez you sound ridiculously stupid!!! Htc fanboy.....maybe you should spend less time finger fn ur phone and meet a woman material feel in hand pervert.
Nick 11
+Josh Paulsen people think it looks prettier and more expensive. I know silly reason but true.
Interesting.  I have a Lumia 920 and it has excellent battery life.  But I guess that is comparing it to my previous phone, a Galaxy S2.  Has battery life improved that dramatically?
My s4 lasts me 2-3 days on a full charge and charges in just over an hour. Its great for me. And my friend had the One and likes it, but he does wish it charged faster. But you can't go wrong with either device. And I can't wait to see the note 3.
Uhh, but wouldn't a smaller battery on average charge faster anyways since it can hold less juice
Great info...
I am very happy with the battery life on my One, its significantly better than my nexus 4, especially when running an AOSP based rom. 
I have the s4 and the battery stays only one day please any advice I tried all things like brightness and others.........
iPhone has a tiny battery, charge time is irrelevant 
You would think that the S4 would have good batterylife because of the 2600mAh but I have used 4 different S4s and they all had worse batterylife than the S3.
I was wondering why my HTC One charged so slow.  At least i know I'm not the only one...
I guess the one I'm most interested in is the charging time, cause it kinda ruins the experience in my OneX .. the iPhone5 charges ridiculously fast and thats a huge plus in my book .. don't ask about everything else about it :s
I have a lumia 920 and this is not my experience. I get great battery life and quick recharge. The only problem is if I let it run down it doesn't run while plugged in until it gets about 30 mins charge.
my GSIV battery is Awesome, it charges fast enough, and it's very adequate  and incase I need more of it, a spare one is ready and it has it's separate charger, thats a Korean one, yeah I live there B-)
Galaxy beats them all.Can i have ona please Marques Brownlee
Xperia Z has terrible battery life.. Had two of them... TERRIBLE
Considering the gs4 us charging more battery the extra charging time doesn't bother me. I would like to know how long it takes to get say 5 hrs of use?
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