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Just me talking with President +Barack Obama. No big deal.

MKBHD and President Barack Obama
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Great Question, +Marques Brownlee, sucky answer, as usual. Any answer that needs explaining, is not a good answer. 
Wow. YouTube can sure make a person famous for free.
I hope that he was honored! :-) 
Good question.  Weak answers.  Unlike Obama, I actually ran a business; minimum wage increases, along with having to provide healthcare means you can't hire as many people.  It's just math.
Haha i saw that good stuff man.
Good job man...and good question as well
That was an excellent question and a good answer
that's awesome--were you satisfied with his answer?
Good question shitty answer, i shut it off after the romney remark. Election is over. Quit campaigning lol.
Nice man, good question. Your videos are among the best by the way. 
+Marques Brownlee on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate that answer?

Don't be scared to answer this question

Congrats on letting your question being heard by the prez btw and keep up the good work
Congrats man! How was your question selected?
Good job Buddy! I see you even got the long winded answer version too : - )
Okay... That is just too cool for school. Envy level just hit 11.
Great question and a equally great answer. Congrats man!
So, that's how I'm supposed to pronounce your name!
Oh and gratz on having your question answered. :-) 
+Gerald Hines Not everyone wants to own a business. Life has way more to offer. Also, a business or corporation is nothing without its customers and employees. Plus, the lower the worker earns, the less likely they will spend money on your products or services.

I get tired of the constant pampering of businesses who have no respect for their workers and use healthcare or a possible increase in minimum wage as excuse for not hiring.
It's amazing how far cleanly presented intelligence will get you on the internet.
First, did he tell you the truth when he answered you, obama does has a habit of lying.
Yes +Octavio Araujo he was telling the truth ;) Minimum wage doesn't effect job growth, well I guess it could more money in the economy can led to stronger economy, but anyway it doesn't harm it. Plus we gotta create a system that brings jobs here -- no tax deduction to ship company overseas, lower corporate rates, strengthen economy, etc. 
I was so happy for you that you got to talk to the president. Congrats!
Congrats bro. Good question too! 
Unfortunately the President doesn't understand basic economics. When you increase the cost of an employee above the rate at which they generate profit for the business, the business cannot afford to continue to employ them; businesses aren't charities, and employing people at a loss would lead to eventual bankruptcy. So when you increase the minimum wage, all you're doing is putting people into unemployment. It's especially bad for minorities. Milton Friedman explains this very clearly:

Milton Friedman on Minimum Wage
That was really impressive...keep up the excellent work.
+Vijay Boyapati Dispite your textbook "mumble jumble" it's all tied to the cost of living index. Basic econ 101 in addition in this country on the street pick ups for " day labor" were at 10.00 in 2009 before the economy tanked. Get over it!
The crazy thing is I just stumbled on to your YouTube channel and have been watching for most of the evening; then, I jump on the fireside chat, and guess who I see? +Marques Brownlee 
how do you find Obama's answer?
This question is discussed in Germany for years now (Still no minimum wages) :\. For everyone who thinks that the answer is simple - More salary => less employees - is wrong.
If you take the service sector for example, the hair stylist job will not go to china. Why can't you afford to pay your employee money which is enough to survive without additional support? Because the hairstylist next door is cheaper. Why is he cheaper? Because there are no minimum wages. 
But if we introduce minimum wages, all hair stylist will be more expensive, people can't afford that, right? Yeah, they can't afford it because they earn less than the minimum wages.
There is no simple answer to this question and often it strongly  depends on the type of job.
And in the end, it is about dignity as well. People working two jobs and still can't afford health insurance and education for their children is a total failure of society.
i think he didn't really answer your question. but way to go for asking. i love your tech stuff. now i love your political thinking too : )
Joe 2
Wow dude. You will show that to your grandkids one day. Good stuff. 
This Brownlee... he is on fire.
I don't see min wage as such a hurt but see the rule that you must provide all full time employees with the same benefits which encourages employers to hire part time instead of full time.
My son is 16 and raising the min wage will take out many entry level jobs for our young work force.  Companies will hire fewer people.  Great question +Marques Brownlee 
Congrats on at least getting to ask the question. By the way great question. Not the answer I expected. #notconcreteanswer 
Blah blah blah blah blah, uh, blah blah, uh blah? Lol jk but cool bro
Excellent question u posed!! The answer was definitely politic speak but it's such a difficult's really a no win situation really and there just isn't an easy answer or solution. 
+Solomon Grundy I never said anything about everybody wanting to run a business, I was just giving my perspective as someone who (unlike your full-of-crap President) has actually run a business, and has had to deal with these choices.  It has nothing to do with pampering, it's simple math; you raise my wage expenses by 25% and I may not fire anybody, but it sure makes it difficult to even think about hiring anybody else.  It's math.  You can quote all the speculative studies you want, but that's just how it is.  The perception that every business has some fat-cat at the top rolling in dough is just not reality.

Barrack can say it until he's blue in the face, telling you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear, but it's simple math.
+Matthew Walker not sure if you are part of the hater type or just curious, but when have you seen a president involved so much in social media and technology? that is why my comment! 
check this one out bro canvas hd in india
You couldn't pay me to sit down and talk to the traitor-n-chief.
That is pretty cool you got to ask him a question man
+Solomon Grundy without the business who is going to help u support your family? People go into business to make themselves money. If they have to pay out more money, why would they hire more workers? Your a Typical libtard, who thinks everyone owes you.
Dude.. how many degrees of separation from the president am I now?
should of asked him why they staged the sandy hook shootings
Cool that such a powerfull man does hangouts.
Watch and learn politicians around the world :-) 
To be straight up, it needs to be a requirement from here on out for Presidents to do these hangouts so people can get their voices heard.

P.S., that was a great question.
Great question, and greatly dodged answer. Minimum wage is meant for those just entering the job market, not as a wage that is supposed to be lived on.
Good question. I have my own opinion on this, But it I'm not in a roll to make that difference. 
It puzzles me why native Egyptians, who built the pyramids, came to embrace this 7th century Arab culture, and abandoned the original Egyptian practices.
+Marques Brownlee While your actual question about high tech jobs is fine it can't be coupled with the minimum wage for two reasons:
1. Minimum wage jobs are often service jobs at the low end of the spectrum and are not high tech. Service jobs can't be sent overseas. You can't offshore your restaurant server's job, for example. Or your lawn mowing, hair cutting etc.
2. Also minimum wage is associated with unskilled or low skill work. High-tech jobs are more skilled jobs just by definition. You can't pay minimum wage to workers in high tech jobs.

I just went through the comments and had to add one more thing. Most of the comments here are disappointing. And all the "entrepreneurs" commenting on this thread about minimum wage will send high tech jobs overseas, if you don't see the complete lack of logic in that, you should probably quit your enterprise and do something else. Also, if you think that paying an employee $2/hr more will cause your businesses to choke, then you probably shouldn't be in business anyways. Bunch of wannabes.
+Marques Brownlee I always knew you'll be going places. This is only the beginning.... keep your feet firmly planted.

Wish I had the chance to talk to Mr president.
Good job Marques Brownlee. 
You are correct... barack obama is no big deal. You on the other hand are a rock star!
+Debashish Samaddar exactly. All this talk from american businessowners about minimun wage is pure and utter bullshit.
If you raise the minimum wage, you raise someones pay, enabling them to purchase more products, making more companies money, wich in turn gives their employes more money, making them spend money in your company, and so on.
If you dont pay your workers enough to survive, and buy for example tech products, why are you expecting other companies to pay their workers enough to purchase stuff from you? Makes no sense. Capitalism needs businessholders, and these businessholders needs consumers. If you pay you workers, i.e consumers, too little to be able to consume, you wont sell a thing.
Especially if you ship work abroad just to make more money. That just makes you a traitor, not caring at all about your countries wellbeing, and just about money.. what is a business if your way of running it ruins the population in your country to the extent they cant buy any of your products? 
Just want to add that here in Ontario, businesses run fine paying their employees 10.25 an hour. There are many McDonalds, Subways, Tim Horton's, etc stores, many retail stores, they all run fine, and their employees live a better life.
How freaking awesome is your President!?
That's awesome, +Marques Brownlee ! I Salute you. What a breath of fresh-air to see a young, enterprising "technologist" such as yourself grab life by the horns, make something of themselves, and actually "contribute" along the way. Perhaps there is "A New Hope" that not all hope is lost :) Nice job (this post and all others). Keep it up!!
+Vijay Boyapati, a good point, but badly put. I'm not sure how you know that Obama does not understand basic economics... I stop reading posts from people who make broad generalizations. But I do agree with the point you clumsily made.
Great question. Too bad more government is not the answer. We still live in the best country in the world. The opportunity is here! We have never been able to help people out of poverty. He will fail too while bankrupting the rest of us.
Mkbhd :-) Congratulation Marques Brownlee
Nice objective question, Marques.
Kudos, Marques. Very good question. I feel the answer from the president wasn't as good, however. It was nice, well polished and maybe even hypnotic, in terms of using the right buzz words and such, but it didn't offer any tangible or direct solutions, IMO. That's not your fault, Marques. You asked a solid question. You got a mediocre answer.
LOL!  IF you ever have to make a decision regarding which minimum wage job to take as a "student", you come see me.  PLEASE!
Minimum wage in Australia increases depending on the age of the employee. 
Great question and great answer.
I am now over the shock of seeing someone I see almost weekly talk to the President. Enormously awesome, Marques. 
Nice question, and some good words in response... I would love to see the words come to life! 
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