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10/10 would use as boot animation.
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Basil James
Agreed. Just a little faster and it would be perfect.
Should be android loading animation 
Huge improvement over other 'loading' animations too.
No... As the loading screen for Android!! 
Would prefer hypnotoad but it's pretty good :)
Absolutely yes. Please listen, Google.
Looks like a 2017 unbuntu rip off.. Cheaters
Or maybe as loading screen of a game
I Finn
Needs something materializing in the middle.
Very nice, though I wouldn't change it for the seasonal Moto X boot animations 
Currently making it :D I'll post it here asap
Ya saw this on Reddit,I could look at it forever :p
i wonder if theres an mkbhd logo boot animation ... that would be cool !
Cool. Gonna make it a live wallpaper! 
In the Chrome browser, when I scroll this onto my screen, the cpu usage goes way up.  Scroll off and it goes back down near zero.  It might waste some battery on mobile devices.
I'm thinking about changing my name to marques Brownlee as well as my profile pic and troll people, as long as your not apple I don't think you will get mad:)
Assuming you saw this on reddit since it was just reposted there. Looks like this is the creator's tumblr page, for the sake of proper credit:

He has a lot of very nice mathematical animated gifs, pretty much any of them would make for a nice boot animation IMO. 

Edit: looks like +Erik Boesen had the same idea. :)
Just needs color. I'd say mix of two would look cool. Set as spinners or "loading" as you lot call it would be very different and look amazing. Can I use and modified this work? Or is this private. Many thanks. 
+Simon Tank some people don't read fully. I want to use this and want to know if its OK to do so. Try reading yourself :D
Lol i already used it as boot animation, if you are rooted you can change the boot animation with any gif with romtoolbox
echt cool hoor :( :( :(:(:(:((:(:(::(:(:(:(:((::
+Stefan Mai I'd like to change the color's and put it in my free cm11 theme as spinners. All credit's would be given of course :) who made this? The op? 
Guys, I will convert this too a boot animation for the nexus 7 2012, will do other devices later. Will tell you all when its done.
WOOOW!!! I love the current boot animation, but I like this even better. (:
+Stefan Mai What do you mean by Current boot animation? There's loads of them.
This is like an Xperia live wallpaper...kinda...
It's not so much animated as just rotating and creating an optical illusion, My animated loading screen would bee a cartoon in comparison.
What do u mean by boot animation?
I personally would prefer moto x animation 
Gr8 m8 b8 I r8 8/8 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Looks sort of like a mutant sperm wiggling around - I wouldn't want that as my boot animation & I'll be trying to erase it from my memory ASAP!
What if I told you that you can set a gif as a boot animation... Use ROM Toolbox Lite. 
the Moto 360 has a nice animated start up.
Looks like the old Cyanogen boot animation without all the fluff.
Maybe sped up a tad. There's one rotation every 15 seconds, so that seems like it would feel like forever in boot time. 
I want some of what this guy is having... *falls over*
If I were stuck in a boot loop I'd end up starring at if for a good
10 out of 10 I in this thread would but +Marques Brownlee​ you could put spinning dogshit and this lot would +1 it......... Sigh 
Could probably get it to swirl through the nexus color scheme.... Nice 
reminds me of the Halo Cyanogenmod boot
You should draw a stick (for lollipop) and submit for CM12 bootanimation :)
This is awesome! Id use it as a boot animation if it had colors!
It would be an interesting boot animation. Interesting
To be honest I don't think I would. It seems to slow and colorless
not something special ;)) but will look good...
I can imagine in Moto symbol in that circle 
no animation, even better.... 0—100 real quick 
Added the basic colour of Google that would have be a really great stock Android bootanimation 
how do this get 3527 likes?
Amazing!!! Thought was a crown.. 😂😂😂
Yes, I would use it. CM11 needs to use this as their boot logo
Why the hell are you all so hyped over a damn boot up logo...?
No. It's a buffering animation for YouTube. 
Dante J
I need this...
Nsnd. zzzkzj azjaoehd. Dkdos. smska
I totally would set it as a boot animation
Is there any way to download this in gif format on my iPod? Grrrr...
Why can't these indicate the ACTUAL process...why have all "progress bars" become arbitrary animations?
Naa didn't get that from Reddit did ya
What sorcery is this??
I think it is pretty dull actually
A little of topic but,who else got the lollipop update!!
Woww awesome love it but hate it the same time that I can't get it 
Ill have to share that with my brothers ha ha
Trying to figure out how that works is giving me a headache
its easy +Ben John , it is ONE still image that rotates, double click and hold on the gif then drag to the side.
No thanks. I don't want to fall asleep when my phone is booting up.
I modified the speed, removed 0.66 of the .gif frames, added a touch of color that morphs as the animation cycles, and it is now an extremely entertaining boot animation for my 2013 Nexus 7. Additional info. can be found on the XDA forum concerning using .mp4 video files as boot animations in KitKat. Now I need to find the author to see if I can get permission to share this sublime animation.

My username on XDA is simply my name.
very nice for a loading screen
Oh yeah.. its cool
it's easy to use as boot animation theres apps that turn gifs to bootanimations
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