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Google+ just hit 100,000,000 users and is growing at 750,000 every day! Share if you were here when it began.

(Source: +Paul Allen:
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Immediately after reading this I just knew there would be a hipster meme attached.
well ....i was! but i didn't use it much like i'm now!
Although I might sound like a hipster, I was too.
I got on about a month after it launched. That was before it was open for all, right?
100,000,000 active users?!? I've tried everything to get my friends and family to leave the FB.
Sorry I was not here when it began. But I am here now. I joined less then a week ago, and I just love Google +.
i was here when it all started....
I was on Google Plus before there was anyone to talk to. Oh wait that was now.
yes, the second week I was here. INVITATION ONLY!
That 100Mn number is pretty meaningless. A lot of those numbers are dead accounts and accounts that were created as part of signing up for other Google services.

Even more suspect are their "posts per day" numbers (I think one analyst put it at requiring something like 200+ posts per person per day to be real - that Google was using some creative/sloppy accounting to come up with their numbers).

Don't get me wrong: I like Plus, but I think Google's publishing meaningless numbers in hopes that they can talk fantasy into reality.
yeah but attrition number's 850000 per day ! true fact bro !
i like the puppy, its cute especially with the scarf
I don't mind the hipsters. I just mind the teens.
Haha. I didn't even realize it had gone public.
Yes I registered just a few days after it opened. That's how e-cool I really e-am.
Yea I was but I nerdy and I have friends who are. So I got on here before everyone could. 
100k users is a complete fabrication. Google now forces you to sign up for + if you want to use any other Google services. Zomg look, we has user-base! Google+ > Facebook!
I've been here since it showed up on my gmailo options but I don't use it to much since none of my friends are on it 
yeah but what about active users? yeah ...
+Erica Stanton Google+ is not really geared for using just with your current friends, its more about making new friends all over the world. (How do I do that?) Well, use the search way up there to search one of your interests. Say you like comics for example, put 'comics' in the search bar, Then click to bring up the options for your search. Select 'Everything' then 'People and Pages' You will then be presented with a list consisting of both people on Google+ who also share your 'comic' interest and pages that you might also like to include in a circle. Go to everyone's profile to 'suss that person out' and then include them or don't in a circle called 'Comics' then you will make new friends who are interested in the same things as you. Repeat for other interests you have.
I was.

Shame though that only about two of those 100 million users are people I actually know.
me too, I was also on G+ before it was open :-)
Does it matter? Just curious because this seems like a useless elitist statement to me.
i was on g+ before you and i was underage =)
Ya i were.... !!!!!!!!!!! :) :) ;)
Thanks technoGran thats actually very helpful
July 8 for me. But I am really an artist, so I don't need to be a hipster.
so is the dog the creator of G+ or something?
They just allowed minors to join Google Plus this week. The flood gates are about to open. 
If everyone that has an android phone starts using g+ !!!!! It will pass facebook eventually. YES I was here.
I got accepted the day before it went public. So I guess I count :D
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